Dallas Mavericks Trade Rumors Refuted By Mark Cuban

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A Dallas Mavericks trade is possible in the next few weeks. Two scenarios exist where the Mavericks could make a trade, but it might turn out as a move to help the future of the club rather than the 2012 version. Mark Cuban has stated that he likes the current roster, but that he will still take calls about the team. He also refutes some of the recent Mavericks trade rumors that include Rodrigue Beaubois.

Beaubois seems like a player that could help out another roster more than he does the Mavericks, but it might get tough to pry him away from Cuban without a significant asset coming back. The more plausible trade scenario is one where the Mavericks can unload the salary and get back someone that can offer talent in the short-term. Marion still has a hefty contract on the books for the Mavericks that cover two more years after the current one, making him a commodity that the team may have to part with.

Dallas has been linked to rumors that include Dwight Howard and Deron Williams, specifically that the team could pursue both players if they hit free agency. Cuban and his team cannot afford both players if Marion is still on the roster, though, which is why the team keeps getting brought up as a potential seller before the trade deadline. If Cuban is being honest with reporters, though, the Mavericks may stay with the current roster and see if it is good enough to bring Dallas another NBA title.

Do you think that the Dallas Mavericks need to make a move before the NBA trade deadline? What team would serve as a good trading partner with Dallas at this point?

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