‘Dallas’ Recap: Taking the Real Power

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After a successful premiere that kept nearly 7 million people glued to their TV screens, scheming continues in Dallas. Although without Sue Ellen this week, it is so good to see the show become juicier.

“The Price You Pay” kicked off with JR confronting John Ross about his own fraud with the fake Marta Del Sol. He’s not going to let his son cut him off 2 billion barrels of oil, instead decides to team up with John Ross, make up for the years he wasn’t a good father for him, and teach him everything he knows about the oil business.

Larry Hagman (JR) and Josh Henderson (John Ross) - Photo: Zade Rosenthal/TNT

John Ross fills his dad in about the arrangement he had with Lobell, but JR knows the lawyer’s weak part: his son, who killed an old woman on the crosswalk years back. His family paid off the only witness to forget what she saw. John Ross’s mission is to give Lobell enough money to shut him up, while JR will shut him down. Quite a team these two!

But first things first, they need to meet the real backers of the Southfork sale, some Venezuelan dealers. JR and John Ross agree a new deal on Southfork with them.

As John Ross gives Lobell part of the $2 million, he is taken aback by the news that Bobby decided to put the sale of Southfork on hold indefinitely.

Meanwhile, Bobby has his tumor removed, but he must deal with the treatment’s side effects to stop the cancer recurrence.

JR decides to move to Southfork to his brother’s dismay. When he gets there he finds his nemesis, Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval), chatting with Bobby. He wants to buy Southfork but Bobby turns him down. Cliff also wants to reconnect with his nephew, and invites him and his wife for dinner. Christopher accepts the invitation but he knows Cliff is up to something. And he was right. His uncle wants to invest in his gas hydrate project and offers him $1 million. Christopher refuses knowing that this is another plan of his to destroy the Ewings.

Rebecca’s brother, Tommy, wants access to Christopher’s computer and counts on his reluctant sister for that. In the meantime, Christopher and Elena come up with a new theory of using liquid carbon dioxide for their experiments, which may work to extract gas without causing tsunamis. And Rebecca invites Elena to lunch. The new Mrs. Ewing wants to make sure things are okay between her and Christopher’s former fiancée.

Julie Gonzalo (Rebecca) and Jordana Brewster (Elena) - Photo: Zade Rosenthal/TNT

Back home, JR finds Miss Ellie’s journal and hands it over to John Ross, so he can learn all her secrets. Their plan is to use it to blackmail Bobby and thus force him to go ahead with the ranch sale.

Christopher comes to Southfork with Elena to break Bobby the big news of theirs research results. He finds Bobby in his office signing the ranch sale papers. Upset with his father decision, he also learns about his cancer. Christopher feels shut out realising Bobby has been hiding his illness from him for a while now.

Confused and trying to process what he just heard, he gets out of the house. Elena gives him a comforting hug and they kiss. Tommy is there witnessing the scene and takes photos, which he sends to Rebecca.

If the viewers had any worries that Bobby was clueless about JR’s plans when he signed the papers to sell Southfork, they couldn’t be more wrong. Bobby knew very well who he is dealing with. Besides, Ann saw right through JR when she found him in the family’s storage going through things. Neither of them had any doubts JR gave John Ross Miss Ellie’s journal with a purpose.

Brenda Strong (Ann) and Patrick Duffy (Bobby) - Photo: Zade Rosenthal/TNT

Now, with the papers signed, Lobell wants $5 million from John Ross or he’ll tell Bobby who is behind the Southfork deal. The private investigator John Ross hired to find the witness of Lobell’s son’s accident has got both bad and good news: the witness died 10 years ago, and the person who sent Christopher’s breakup email to Elena is finally revealed.

If only JR’s brows wouldn’t be so distracting…

Tune in next Wednesday on TNT at 9 pm, for a new episode of Dallas where Christopher will open up to his father about his difficulty in choosing between the two women he loves.

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