‘Dallas’ Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Family Comes First

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A new episode of Dallas reminds viewers about family values, and shows how everyone – except JR who’s enjoying life in Sin City – finds a common ground to help John Ross. He is arrested for Marta’s murder and Elena believes he’s holding something back. Sue Ellen assumes he’s protecting his father. But John Ross doesn’t want Elena to find out about his meaningless affair with Marta, and have Sue Ellen get involved. She would have too much to lose in a mess he created himself.

Vicente visits John Ross in jail. He has the video from Marta’s hotel room, which would prove John Ross didn’t kill her. Vicente alludes to the fact such a tape can be edited and things taken out of context. The “I will end you” line would incriminate John Ross. Vicente refuses to help him get out of jail and it looks like John Ross’s time is really up.

Meanwhile, Exxon Mobile is interested in Christopher’s technology which could trigger the next big energy revolution. But now that he’s gotten this far on his own, Christopher isn’t keen to license it to anyone. It will be at the heart of “Ewing Alternative Energies.”

Ann and Rebecca have a heart-to-heart talk but are interrupted by Tommy who walks in nonchalantly. Anna suggests him to go for a fresh start and get a job as a ranch hand at a cousin of hers in Oklahoma. He agrees, but he won’t be out of the picture yet.

Vicente drops by Southfork to talk business with Bobby, who is facing JR’s investors for the first time. This is how Bobby learns they hold a lean on the ranch until they get their oil. The piece of information Vicente was missing in this fraudulent deal with JR was that Bobby controls the mineral rights. Not pleased with the outcome of this conversation, Vicente sends a “message” to John Ross in jail in the shape and form of two Latino inmates who beat him senseless.

Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) Visits John Ross (Josh Henderson) in Jail – Photo: TNT/Zade Rosenthal

Sue Ellen is determined to help her son and is very much aware the only way she could do that is to cross the ethical line she never crossed. She has a chat with the medical examiner in charge of Marta’s case and demands him to confirm in his report that it was a suicide. In exchange, once she’ll be the next Governor of Texas he will become Chief Medical Examiner. The man is stunned, especially since Sue Ellen knows about the amount of prescriptions he’s been writing although all his patients are, well… dead.

“No Good Deed” is an episode about family. With that in mind, writers thought it would be a great occasion to pay tribute to the late Miss Ellie, when Bobby voices his commitment at her grave, on Southfork land, to do whatever it takes to protect the family, just like she did her whole life. He knows she’d understand. So he decides that until John Ross is safe, they will start pumping oil at the ranch. But the nicest surprise came when Christopher stepped up to the plate wanting to give the Venezuelans something better than oil, make them an offer they can’t refuse and save John Ross. In return, he’d ask for the tape from Marta’s room.

Back at the hospital, John Ross gets some good news. He’s being released and charges are dropped. Hotel maintenance found the camera from Marta’s room and the video shows she was alive when he left.

On a different note, Chris asks the sheriff to run a background check on Rebecca which comes clean. He is hesitant though and unsure if he can trust her ever again. And he still has reasons he doesn’t know about yet.

While Rebecca tries to turn her life around, Tommy shows his real face. That kiss was gross! But he isn’t her brother. After pretending to take Ann up on her offer, he comes back more threatening and greedy than before and wants to use her and the twins to get more money from the Ewings.

Back to Sue Ellen, who had – at long last – real screen time. She feels like a hypocrite as she’s looking at her campaign ad that says: “Honesty for a change.” Torn with remorse for bribing the medical examiner, letting someone else get away with murder and all for nothing, is something she never thought she would do.

John Ross and Christopher delivered the perfect ending to this episode. Not only is John Ross’s homecoming reuniting him with the love of his life, but with his cousin as well. In their quest to make their fathers proud, both men were overcome by their competitiveness, putting behind their friendship and loyalty.

But now it’s time to get Southfork back. Stay tuned, as there’s more drama to come. Next Dallas episode airs Wednesday, August 1 at 9pm on TNT.

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