Dallas teacher on trial for diaper fetish with students

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Joseph Garbarini III is on trial in Plano, TX for touching his kindergarten students. Today in court his secret diaper fetish was exposed. It’s a sick twisted story, that will make you sick.

Today in court, they spoke of how the teacher gives his students pacifiers and put diapers on them. This sick man worked in Plano schools for five years with small children before he was caught. A 5-year-old girl “told her mother about improper touching during a diaper change.” Why in the heck is a 5-year-old girl in diapers? Well, because her teacher put it on her!

Can you guess what was in this sick-o’s house? “Prosecutors said jurors would hear from investigators who found thousands of diapers, some of them dirty, in Garbarini’s home.” Thousands of diapers? Can you imagine the smell.

“Garbarini’s attorney told jurors his client had peculiar sexual tendencies that were not illegal but he was not interested in pedophilia.” Then why were his students in diapers?

The teacher resigned in May of 2010, just one day before he was arrested. The punishment for his crimes can be “up to life in prison if convicted.” Please let them convict him! This man does not need to be out where he can molest anyone else.

Give him a lifetime sentence so he can meet a nice man named Bubba who can show him how wrong his actions were.

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Photo courtesy of Fox News.

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