Dallas Tornado Sucks Tractor Trailers Hundreds of Feet in Air

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Dallas tornadoes wreaked havoc on the area Tuesday, including one massive twister which sent several tractor trailers flying hundreds of feet through the sky.

Several people captured the eerie scene at the Schneider National trucking hub in south Dallas on video and uploaded them online. You can’t help but be awed by the unbelievable might of Mother Nature when you view these videos.

It’s unclear if anyone was inside the semis at the time, but hopefully there were no deaths. The event looks like something from a Hollywood film, and the tractor trailers look like toys when they are ripped from the ground and sent through the sky.

Several other Dallas tornadoes caused widespread havoc throughout the metropolitan region, including in Arlington, where 150 homes were struck. Also, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport shut down airline traffic. You can view the terrifying video of Schneider National here.

The National Weather Service is estimating there were 12 Dallas tornadoes which touched down Tuesday. More information about the wreckage will come out over the next day, but hopefully the human toll was minimized.

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