Dan Savage: Is Obama Admin Supporting Disgusting Activist?

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To a lot of people, Dan Savage is disgusting, and that’s being generous. The 47-year-old Savage is a columnist, media pundit, author and a gay activist. He is also a bigot. He has no problem with saying things like, “I wish the Republicans were all f*cking dead,” or attacking churches and its members, most recently, the Mormon church. His ‘All Dead Mormons Are Gay Now” website would be pretty funny if there wasn’t such hatred behind it. He was jumping on the bandwagon of media rehashing an old and banned practice of baptizing victims of the Holocaust because one member recently ignored the strict policy.

Dan Savage ProvidedEven worse has been some of Savage’s repulsive tactics. Last year, he told Herman Cain, “Suck my d**k.” In 2000, he signed on to volunteer for conservative presidential hopeful Gary Bauer. In acts he now claims were made up, he licked doorknobs while suffering from the flu and handed Bauer a ‘saliva covered pen’ with hopes of infecting him. In 2003, he compared homosexual sex to bestiality and incest. When it comes to presidential candidate Rick Santorum, Savage spares no expense to attack and demean the man. He created the revolting ‘Google bomb’ that pops up when Santorum’s name is ‘Googled’ and in 2003, he had a contest to make up the most disgusting definition possible of Santorum’s name. These barely scratch the surface.

In an article by Big Government, the writer quotes some of Savage’s hypocritical comments. “Everyone deserves to be respected for who they are. I pledge to spread this message to my friends, family and neighbors. I’ll speak up against hate and intolerance whenever I see it, at school and at work.” Apparently, this respect only extends to those who believe in the same things as Savage. As vile as this guy is, is Big Government’s claim that the Obama administration has ‘hooked up’ with Savage true? Is Obama planning on smearing his opponents with poop anytime soon? Nah.

For all of his plentiful misdeeds, Dan Savage has gifted the world with the most positive, thoughtful and helpful campaigns for gay youth, ever. His “It Gets Better” project was started with help from his husband, Terry Miller. The project began after the suicide of 15-year-old Billy Lucas who was bullied by others who perceived that he was gay. The project encourages adults of all sexual persuasions to make videos discouraging lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teens from suicide by telling them that it WILL get better as time goes by. The project has videos submitted by celebs, politicians, etc. And, yes, President Obama, Hilary Clinton and others in the administration.

Does that mean the Obama administration has given its blessing to all of Dan Savage’s tactics? Of course not. In regards to Obama’s support of “It Gets Better,” Brian Bonds from the White House says, “President Obama is committed to ending bullying, harassment and discrimination in all its forms.” Should the president have a chat with Savage about his double standards? Someone, please? But suggesting that this is somehow a ‘hook up’ or endorsement of every, single thing Savage does is ridiculous!

The Suicide Prevention Resource Center says that between 30 and 40 percent of lesbian, gay and bisexual youth have attempted suicide. This statistic is totally unacceptable and almost totally preventable. Bullying of all youth can no longer be tolerated. For LGBT kids, they often have no one to go to in fear that they could be outed or further ostracized. This is a national tragedy and everyone, left or right, should be thankful the president cares.

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