‘Dance Moms': ‘Abby’s Dance-a-Thon’ Recap

Tonight Abby Lee hosts the Dance Moms show. She shares with the audience both the best and worst dance performances of all seasons.

#10 – The Pin-Up Girls Dance. This was a trio performance. During the dance, Chloe nearly lost her head-piece. First it fell over her forehead, then her eyes and lastly her neck. Abby believes it is the fault of Chloe’s mom who was at the bar having a drink just prior to the performance. Still, the judges are impressed and award the trio first place in their category.

#9 – The Bumblebee Dance. This dance was performed in the first season of Dance Moms. Oddly, Cathy’s daughter (the same Cathy of Candy Apple Dance Studios) was a student under Abby Lee and did the Bumblebee dance at a competition. Abby Lee was furious at the young girl’s lack of energy and enthusiasm, and thus ranked it as one of the worst performances ever.

#8 – Jail Birds Dance. This performance is very memorable for the wrong reasons. Surprisingly, the group placed tenth when they competed with this number. In this dance, the girls perform a dance with choreography similar to a piece from the musical Chicago.

#7 – Garden of Eden Dance. This dance is performed by Brooke at the Rising Star Competition. It is a beautiful dance with lots of tricks and acrobatics. Brooke is breathtaking in this dance and thus takes first place.

#6 – A Jazz-Funk Dance. The group competes at the Hollywood Dance competition with a number entitled “My Pumps.” They wear faux furs, leather pants and wigs. Nia is the star of this performance when she does a drop at the end. The group earns an impressive third place in their category.

#5 – Dream on a Star Dance. Chloe gives a heartfelt performance at the Hollywood Dance competition. She is outstanding and her talent recognized by both Abby and the judges.

#4 – Angel Dance. Maddie pays tribute to her deceased grandmother with a dance performance entitled “Angel.” Because she puts lots of emotion and passion into this performance, this is a favorite of Abby’s. She also received a first place trophy at the competition.

#3 – The Cutest Dance Ever. Little Mackenzie gets the crowd going when she dances in a soldier-like costume. Her performance incorporates lots of flips, cartwheels and turns. She is awarded first place in her category and is tickled.

#2 – Black Swan Duet. In this routine, Abby puts her two top dancers, Maddie and Chloe, together in a duet. Performed at the Starbound Competition, the girls are tremendous and place first in the junior duet category.

#1 – Beautiful Dance. Runner-up for Abby’s favorite dances is a group performance called Beautiful. In this number the girls dance in pretty soft pink costumes and they hold mirrors throughout the routine. They of course place first and receive the National Title.

At the end of the show, Abby shares her favorite dance number. It was an emotional group performance called “Where Have All the Children Gone.”

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