‘Dance Moms': ‘Break a Leg’ Recap

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Abby begins rehearsal by introducing the pyramid and plans for the upcoming competition to the team and Dance Moms. Maddie again makes the top of the pyramid and is given a solo for this week’s contest. Additionally, Mackenzie and Brooke will have a solo, and Chloe and Paige their long-awaited duet.

Paige is Injured

Deep into rehearsal, Kelly comes in to report that Paige won’t be able to dance for 4-6 weeks because her foot is broken. When told about the duet with Chloe, both Chloe and Paige cry at the thought of not being able to dance together in competition this week.

Later, Jill brings Kendall in for a class and notices Paige sitting outside rehearsal wearing a boot. Immediately, both Jill and Kendall think maybe Paige’s injury is an opportunity for Kendall to rejoin the group. To gain more information, Jill questions Paige. Paige then goes to tell her mom and the other Dance Moms about Jill’s questions. Jill visits Abby and asks if this is a chance for Kendall. The moms are furious and surprisingly side with Abby on her treatment of Jill. While Abby and Jill talk, the moms eavesdrop. She further accuses Chloe of having been absent from rehearsal. Kelly then approaches Jill to ask why didn’t she talk to the moms instead of inquiring of Paige.

When practicing her solo, Brooke grimaces when she does acrobatics. It’s clear she is in pain and may be unable to do her solo. Abby then chooses to hold auditions for the duet with Chloe. She allows both Nia and Kendall to audition. This poses a problem with the Dance Moms who think it is an unfair move as Kendall is not a part of the team. Holly confronts Abby about Kendall possibly being chosen over Nia. Finally, Abby decides on Kendall, but the girls have only two days to perfect the duet.

Maddie and Drop Dead Diva

After rehearsal, Melissa tells Abby Maddie won’t be able to make rehearsal the next day as she has a taping for Drop Dead Diva. Abby tells Melissa and Maddie the group should come first. Still, she okays her going but tells her she needs to practice and remember her routine. When Maddie returns, she tells Abby about her experience. She assures Abby she has practiced but in rehearsal it is clear she is not ready for competition.

The Competition

First, the team performs their group routine. With all the problems at rehearsal, Abby is worried it will be a mess. When watching, Abby notices many errors, but the Dance Moms think it was a good routine. To Abby’s surprise, however, the group takes first place in the junior group category.

Next, Brooke and Mackenzie are scheduled for their solos. Brooke is really hurt and sore but Abby encourages her to work through the pain. It is clear she is really hurting, so Kelly questions whether she should dance. Meanwhile, Mackenzie performs her solo routine and does a fantastic job. In the waiting room, Kelly tries to rub and ice Brooke’s back but nothing helps. Still, Abby thinks Brooke doesn’t want to dance because of the stiff competition. So, Abby yells at Brooke to make the right decision and dance. Maddie is next up to dance. As usual, she dances beautifully and is impressive. Lastly, the duo performs. When awards are given, Mackenzie receives second place in her age group, Maddie first place and the duet also first place.

Although the competition is over, the drama is not. Before leaving the venue, Abby has Maddie run her routine from Drop Dead Diva. This leads to lots of yelling between Abby and some of the moms.

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