‘Dance Moms’ Episode 4 Recap: Bribery and Threats Get You Nowhere

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Another week, another dance competition, and more drama on “Dance Moms.” This week viewers saw the rise and fall of Chloé, the addition of crazy-is-an-understatement mom, Leslie, and a very ironic group dance with a bullying theme.

As always, the episode begins with the “Pyramid of Broken Dreams,” and once again not much changes. As expected, Paige is still being punished for her sister Brooke leaving the team, Nia’s holding her bottom spot, joined by perpetual probationer, Kendall. There was a mystery spot left covered on the bottom, which everyone assumed would be Brooke, because Abby refused to acknowledge it.

Sisters Maddie and Mackenzie were in the middle. Mac got the nod after a decent solo last week, which left Chloé in the top spot for a change. Poor Melissa started her twitching again in the background when her daughter, Maddie, wasn’t on top for the second week in a row, but of course everyone knew Chloé was going to be on top since she won everything last week. But with the top spot comes the undying pressure and expectations of Abby Lee Miller, and Chloé almost crumples from it before the end of the episode.

The assignments are then doled out for the next competition. There will be a Trio this week, but instead of it being the usual, and undefeated Chloé, Maddie and Paige, it’s now Kendall instead of Paige while Paige continues to serve out her time in Abby Lee purgatory.

The group number is announced and this week the showcase belongs to Nia, and she’s super excited about it. But the theme of the dance will be a ‘bullying’ one, and Nia’s mother Holly, isn’t thrilled with the only African-American girl on the team being labeled the bully. So much to Nia’s heartbreak, Holly pulls her from the lead of the number, and the lead goes to the new girl, Peyton.

Ah yes…Peyton. Peyton tried out in the open audition for Vivi’s spot that went to Kendall, and Peyton’s mother, Leslie, had a high-speed come apart right there in the middle of the studio over it. Well, with Brooke becoming a cheerleader, Peyton gets her change to be on the competition team, and is the hidden spot on Abby’s pyramid. Only, now there only seems to be one spot open on the team, instead of the two viewers are counting, and both Kendall and Peyton are in direct competition for that one spot. And this week, Peyton seems to have the edge with the lead in the group number.

Naturally, this puts Kendall’s mother, Jill, at war with Leslie, and it’s all very screechy and melodramatic. Leslie is a bit intense, and slightly insane. She invites all of the mothers out for coffee, basically to call them bad mothers for staying with Abby Lee Dance Studio, when clearly their daughters are miserable. More screeching and arm waving…and the moms have decided that they really don’t like Leslie.

Back at the studio, Abby’s being her usual charming self, and has decided to make Chloé regret the say she was born. The kid is crying her eyes out, and it’s all very sad to watch. Mom, Christi doesn’t want to go down to the studio to confront Abby, so the kid has to get through it on her own.

It happens again as poor Paige is forced to help run the music for the Trio she was just kicked off of, and her mother is also as frozen with fear as Christi, and seems powerless to stop any of it.

There’s a cute little break in the action when Brooke has a party with all of the girls she left behind when she joined cheerleading. Nothing makes a kid look more uncomfortable on camera than being forced to have a party with a bunch of little girls on TV. Poor Brooke. Just let the kid be a teenager.

On to the competition, and there’s high drama in the dressing room. Kendall and Peyton are stationed beside each other, so naturally the mothers are sneering at one another and trying to psych the kids out. Jill slaps $20 on the table and basically bribes Kendall into a good performance. While Leslie uses the more subtle tactics of threats. Chloé’s going to pieces over in some corner, and the only one that seems to have her game face on is Maddie.

The drama reaches a fever pitch when Abby tells Chloé “she’s destroying you” referring to Christi. This obviously sends Christi over the edge, and there’s more screeching and arm waving.

The dancing happens. The mics on the floor messed up the spacing on the Trio, which is immediately blamed on Chloé, even though she did the right thing by not sitting on the mic or tripping over it. The group number was a flop, with Peyton screwing up where she put the “Kick Me” sign on Maddie’s back, and the solos with Maddie and Chloé were pretty good. The group and Trio failed to place, but Maddie once again wins it all, and is probably back on top of the pyramid next week. Poor Chloé also gets reminded of this by Abby backstage. Free Chloé.

The final bit of drama happens between the mothers over some flip remark Peyton said when Abby asks her how she think she did, and she says that she felt she danced better than everybody. Yes, the mothers are still squawking about this, and Abby comes in from the hallway because things have become so loud, she can hear them all the way out there. More screeching and arm waving about how awful it all was, leaving Peyton in tears and Leslie saying that she’s leaving the studio for good.

So that’s it for this week. Next week Brooke decides to come back to dancing and talks to Abby about it. And one can only imagine what her response to that will me.

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