‘Dance Moms’ Episode 6 Recap: Homespun Dramatics

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This week on ‘Dance Moms’, the drama continued with Jill losing her ever-loving mind all over the place, homemade costumes, and a last-minute competition change…there was even a brief and oddly placed cameo with Cathy of Candy Apples this week.

The episode begins as it always does with Abby’s very own “Pyramid of Broken Dreams” and as usual nothing really changed except Brooke swapped places with Mackenzie, and the littlest member of the team got to enjoy a moment in the glow of Abby’s approval, and it was nice to see her so happy about it. Jill went bananas when she heard Abby tell her daughter Kendall that while she did a great job, Kendall’s on the bottom still because her mother is a screaming crazy person.

Abby makes her big announcement that this week there will not be a group number, but everyone will dance a solo. Not only that, but the mothers must create the costumes, and they can’t be anything worn before. This is supposed to teach the dancers that they can win without wearing an obscenely expensive costume.

The moms are dismissed, and Jill takes her squawking and complaining upstairs, and the mothers are pretty much completely over her at this point. Between her constant complaining and putting down the other mothers and girls, it’s time for Jill to get with the program, or take Kendall to dance somewhere else.

Over in Candy Apples land, Cathy is having her “Positive Pyramid of Broken Dreams” which is the same thing as Abby’s pyramid, only powered by an iPad and accessorized with red lipstick. Everyone is equal in her studio this week, but she wants to have an audition anyway.

And who shows up to the audition? Peyton! The girl with that nutty mother, Leslie, and she’s still insane, it seems. After Peyton declines an offer to dance for Cathy because it’s too far from home, and she misses her friends, Cathy and Leslie get into a hissing and screeching match over basically nothing. Leslie says in the end that she’s ready to crawl back to Abby if it makes Peyton happy. This must mean Leslie is going to be making more appearances. Great.

Back in Pittsburgh, Abby gets a surprise phone call from the competition they’re supposed to be attending, and it turns out, it’s been cancelled. But never fear, Abby says the show must go on, and it shall. She calls around and finds a competition somewhere outside Galveston, Texas. Load up that tour bus, ladies! The show must go on!

When they arrive to the competition, they’re thrown for another loop because the dances will be performed on a gym floor, and the Abby Lee girls are not used to this. It’s slippery, and they’re a little apprehensive about the change. Especially Nia. She has a full-on panic attack, and almost doesn’t make it out to perform.

Jill’s causing all sorts of problems, as she whips out an obviously professionally done competition dress, and tries to pass it off as something homespun Kendall can wear. Abby says no-way, and the other mothers balk at the idea that Jill’s going to show up with a real costume and not follow the rules. Jill then proceeds to have a full-on temper tantrum, and takes Kendall out of the competition. Of course, Kendall is devastated, and Abby saves the day by having Kendall borrow something from Maddie to wear.

Finally, there’s dancing, and everyone is tentative, but very good. Paige stole the show with her routine. Finally a winning moment for Paige! But it’s short lived as there’s panic on the dance floor, when Maddie slips during her dance and falls pretty hard on her hip. She’s not seriously hurt, but it was a scary fall.

In the end, Paige is crowned the champion of the day, and everyone is happy. Well, except for Jill, anyway, because she is never happy, and Kendall’s pretty much guaranteed a bottom spot on the pyramid next week, too. Which might be the cause of the drama next week, when Jill is seen speaking to Kendall’s old dance studio.

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