‘Dance Moms’ Episode 7 Recap: All Guns Blazing

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This week’s episode of “Dance Moms” had everything a fan could ask for. Drama in the studio, ostentatious bribery, making 10-year-olds cry, and a firearm controversy.

As always the episode begins with the requisite “Pyramid of Broken Dreams” with a bit of a twist this week…at the bottom is perennial Abby favorite, Maddie. This was done to teach everyone a lesson, and that’s not to change your mind mid-air because you can get seriously injured if you do. Good point, but even better was watching Melissa silently short circuit off to the side because both of her daughters were on the bottom this week.

At the top? Paige! Finally! Paige is sort of like the step-child of the whole group, so it was nice to see her on top for a change. Good for Paige!

But of course, Jill’s not happy. Not only are the solos going to Chloe and Maddie this week, but the trio is going back to being Paige, Maddie and Chloe, with Kendall as the back-up this time. The usual screeching and arm waving ensues, and nobody gets anywhere.

Well, if arguing won’t work, bribery will, right? So Jill gifts the studio with a bench that looks like she stole it out of the park and put an engraving on it. It was so over the top and cringeworthy. But Abby handled it pretty well. Gracious, but everyone knew it wasn’t getting Jill anywhere.

The other controversy of the week, besides Jill’s perpetual craziness, was the group number using guns for props. Some of the moms were a bit uncomfortable with the imagery, not to mention the fact that it could get them disqualified, but it wasn’t like they were depicting violence or anything. They were big, goofy gold bedazzled glocks. Not exactly ‘gangsta’. And Abby really liked those guns. They might be her favorite thing in the world.

So it’s competition time, and the dancing goes well. Chloe does the best she’s ever done, and Maddie is good as usual. Chloe takes second, and Maddie wins. Like always. The trio bombed which anyone could see coming after all of the dramatics during rehearsals, and it doesn’t look like Paige is going to be on top for long. She’s kind of named the scapegoat in that whole ordeal.

It’s time for the group number, and for once Abby is thrilled with their performance… guns and all. Even Holly, who objected to the guns the most, thought they were a nice touch. The group wins it all, and instead of being happy, Jill has another meltdown. Abby tries to get her to see the ‘big picture’ and not worry so much about having the starring roles when the kid is ten, but Jill just needs a reason to freak out, it seems.

So that’s it for this week. Next week everything goes bananas as Jill heads over to the evil Candy Apples, and Holly packs up Nia and leaves.

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