‘Dance Moms': ‘How Do You Like Them Apples’ Recap

This week Abby will take the dance troupe to Ohio (the home of her arch rival Cathy and Candy Apple’s Studio) to compete. The pressure to beat Cathy is even more intense since her Candy Apples beat the Abby Lee dancers in an earlier competition. To ensure a win, Abby has opted to invite older and more experienced dancers to compete alongside the girls in their group performance. This is a standard practice of Cathy, but one that does not sit well with the Dance Moms.

The Pyramid and Assignments

Next, Abby presents the pyramid and hands out assignments for the competition. First, there will be a group number entitled “Land Unforgiven.” Abby has chosen this theme because they are traveling to Cathy’s territory with the intention of beating her. Both Chloe and Paige will also have solos. Secondly, Abby discloses the pyramid. Because Brooke went to her eighth grade dance and missed the last competition, she is at the immediate bottom of the pyramid and on probation. Also on the bottom of the list is Mackenize (because of gum chewing), followed by Nia (who had some mistakes in last week’s group performance). Next on the pyramid is Paige, then Chloe, and Maddie at the top in both 1st and 2nd place (because of the two crowns and two titles achieved in the previous competition).

Candy Apple’s Studio Prepares to Compete

Meanwhile, at Candy Apple’s Studio, Cathy introduces two guest choreographers for her group number. In the number, Cathy’s daughter will play the star role which seems to strike a nerve with Kendall’s mom Jill (who previously left Abby Lee to train with Cathy at Candy Apple’s). To her disappointment, Cathy seems to have lost interest in Kendall and is no longer showing her favor in the troupe.

At Competition

To give Paige a better chance at beating Kendall, her mom Kelly makes changes to the choreography originally set by Abby. Paige is really nervous and has lots of pressure on her to beat Kendall and remember the changes in the dance. Backstage, Chloe is very nervous when she goes on stage. During a turn however she loses an earring. Her mom worries that she will forget about the earring and will fall on it but thankfully does not. Next, Paige goes on stage to present her number. As Abby watches, she realizes Paige is doing completely different choreography. She is horrified and convinced that she has lost to Kendall but when it is Kendall’s turn, her performance is a mess. Consequently, it becomes more and more clear that Jill is not happy with Cathy, and Cathy not thrilled with Jill. In the waiting room, Abby approaches both Kelly and Paige about the change in choreography. Although Paige cries, she did speak up to Abby and explain why she wanted her dance changed.

Finally, the groups perform and the rivalry between the two studios unfolds. First up are the Candy Apples. As usual, Cathy’s daughter doesn’t do much but is a prop while the older dancers perform. Next up are the Abby Lee dancers. When awards are given, Paige takes seventh place, Chloe sixth place and Kendall does not place at all. In group awards, Abby Lee receives fifth but Candy Apple’s receives no award.

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