‘Dance Moms’ ‘I’m a National Champion!’ Recap

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When the last episode ended with Abby Lee Miller, one of her new Dance Moms, Shelly, pulled her little darling out of the studio without telling Abby. Two other new moms, Marcia and Gloria, seemed to be happy that they drove off Shelly, and another mother, Jackie, was happy with everything.

This week’s episode opens with Abby wondering why Shelly and her daughter, Ally, weren’t in class. She calls Shelly and finds out why they left. Abby gets a hold of Marcia and Gloria and tells them to get lost and that they and their daughters are no longer part of the studio. Their daughters are devastated and crying, begging their moms to apologize to Abby. But the moms know that nothing will change Abby’s mind.

Moms, moms, moms, sometimes you are your daughter’s worst enemies. Take a look at the old moms, Christi, Melissa, Holly, Kelly, and Jill. They pulled their girls out of the studio and had them preform at the mall! It was there that Holly, probably the smartest of the moms, realized that their girls needed the discipline that Abby gave them, not to mention her dance lessons.

Which brings the viewers to understand why the old moms are now walking into the studio to beg Abby to take their daughters back. Abby agrees as long as the moms sign a contract saying that they will stay with Abby for a year. Kelly, who essentially started all the problems by pulling her daughters out, was the first to sign the contract and agreed to everything.

Now the dancers are now Maddie, her little sister Mackenzie, Chloe, Brooke, and her sister Paige, Nia, Kendall, and the new girl Sophia.

Abby tells the group that there will be no pyramid because the only dancer who has been around was Sophia. She also makes it very clear that Maddie is no longer her favorite and that Sophia took her place. Melissa, Maddie’s mom, isn’t too happy with this. And talk about not being happy, the moms are not happy with new mom, Jackie. They tell her that they’ve “heard things” about how she said some mean things about a dancer in Florida. Jackie denies this gossip.

There will be a competition in Ohio and Sophia and Chloe will each have a solo. For some reason, Chloe’s mom, Christi, is angry at Abby for giving her daughter the solo. Christi feels like Abby is pitting Chloe against Sophia. Christi is always crabbing about this. If she wasn’t complaining about Chloe dancing opposite Sophia she’d be complaining about Chloe dancing opposite Maddie.

Abby is making it very obvious that she favors Sophia over the other girls. She tells them that if they want to get back into her good graces they better get their act together and dance as well as Sophia.

There will be a group dance but there are too many dancers for Abby and she wants to eliminate one of them. Abby decides that Brooke is out of the group dance and will not be going to Ohio. But is Brooke out of the studio? It’s hard to tell but Kelly, Brooke’s mom, thinks she might be.

The girls start to rehearse and Abby is trying to get the moms to do more than just sit around watching. This starts the moms yelling at Abby saying that they pay her and shouldn’t be asked to do anything.

But Melissa and Holly are cleaning up the work room. Melissa is trying to get Abby back to being her pal so daughter Maddie will get the attention she’s always had.

Competition day arrives and Chloe is determined to impress Abby because of all the private attention Sophia is getting. Chloe knows she’s good and intends to prove it. Maddie admits that she’s nervous.

Sophia dances her solo. Abby might constantly say that Sophia is a great dancer but her solo proves that she has a lot of talent. More talent than Maddie? Yes, definitely. Maddie is a wonderful dancer too, but Sophia is better. Sorry, Maddie.

Right after Sophia’s solo Chloe takes the stage for her solo. Mom, Christi, is complaining about the fact that Abby shouldn’t have put Chloe right after Sophia. Please, Christi, stop with the complaints already. Even Kelly is being quiet and one of her daughters was taken out of the group dance.

Chloe’s solo was good; she does have a lot of talent but again, Sophia is a much better dancer.

The moms think that Sophia is a better dancer because Jackie has Sophia home schooled only two days a week for two hours each day. The rest of the time Sophia is dancing. The other girls go to regular school and have less time to practice.

Shortly after the solos the group goes on stage for the group dance. Abby has had better dance routines. This one isn’t bad but not as good as others.

Award time comes around and Chloe comes in second while Sophia wins the Solo Junior award. But then the judges announce that they have a special award called the Special Dancer’s Award going to a dancer who is always out there trying hard to do her best. This was given to Chloe. It was nice that the judges recognized her.

Abby’s group dance won first place for the Junior Small Group. One would think that Abby would be happy, but she wasn’t. After the competition she tells the girls that, except for Sophia, the rest of the dancers were terrible and that there were mistakes in the group dance. Abby also says that Chloe was a “hot mess” and she has to work on her flexibility. All this gets Christi yelling at Abby saying that Chloe was awesome.

The episode ends with Christi crying, trying to figure out why she puts up with Abby and her ways.

This season of Dance Moms is getting kind of ugly.

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