‘Dance Moms: Miami’ – ‘Don’t Take That Tone With Me’ Recap

After a stellar performance in Detroit, the cast of Dance Moms:Miami makes plans to travel to Orlando to compete in Access Hollywood. With Jessi making the top of this week’s list, she is given a solo. Kimmy is second on the list, but instead of having a solo, she is given a duet with Lucas (who is third on the list). Hannah is also granted a solo and moves up to fourth place on the list. To her surprise, Sammy was placed last on the list. Victor is very vocal in saying that he and Angel disagreed on the decision, but ultimately, Sammy was being punished for her mom’s behavior.

During rehearsal, Victor and Angel work with Kimmy and Lucas on their performance, which is a duet about a couple in love. With the kids being so young, they struggle with this emotion. Consequently, Victor and Angel give them homework to write a love letter to each other. Lucas makes it clear that he will write the letter, but will never, ever love Kimmy.

Additionally, Susan (Jessi’s mom) questions Victor and Angel when she thinks her daughter’s choreography lacks technique. When she asks Jessi about possibly leaving the studio, Jessi is extremely disrespectful and asks her mom if she is “stupid” or “needs to go to a mental hospital.” Still, Susan will not give up and corners Victor about the choreography.

During the close of the last rehearsal, Mayra (Victor’s mom) pulls out a scale to weigh the dancers. Abby is adamant that her daughter (Sammy) will not be weighed and leaves the studio. Although other dance moms also disagree, they go along with the program.

At competition, the tension between Susan and Jessi continues. Susan is convinced that the change in Jessi is due to the influence of Victor and Angel. Specifically, Susan believes that Angel’s mocking of her has led to Jessi’s behavior. Angel however completely rejects the thought and tells Susan she needs to work it out with her daughter.

Because of nervousness, Hannah is struggling to remember her choreography. Although she does a great job, Victor and Angel are frustrated with Hannah’s crying spell just before the performance.

In the end, the group leaves extremely pleased with their performances. Hannah and Jessi both take first in their age groups, Kimmy and Lucas first in the duet/group awards and lastly, the studio receives best group performance overall.

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