‘Dance Moms': ‘Night of the Living Dancers’ Recap

Abby begins rehearsal berating the entire dance group. She seems more tense than usual, and spends lots of time complaining about the team’s performance in California.

The Pyramid

After her tirade, Abby presents the infamous pyramid. Surprisingly, Maddie (her favorite) makes the bottom of the list because she did not dance when given the opportunity at the last competition. Additionally, Abby is disappointed with Maddie’s crying when her name was announced and she didn’t want to dance. Also at the bottom is Mackenzie (because she took 10th place in competition), Paige and Brooke. Last is Nia (who is near the top because of her commitment and co√∂peration), and again Chloe makes the top of the pyramid.

Abby and the Dance Moms

After rehearsal, Melissa asks Abby to have a private lesson with Maddie as she has not had a solo for over a week. Abby agrees hoping to work with Maddie on her confidence. Additionally, Abby approaches dance mom Kelly about Brooke taking voice lessons from the instructor at her studio. Meanwhile Holly works on finding costumes for the zombie routine. She involves the other moms and they work well together creating unique outfits. Kelly was also asked to design a chair for Paige’s routine. Because Kelly was so busy helping with the costumes, she forgets about the chair. This infuriates Abby and she literally throws the chair while Paige is still in the room. Kelly responds angrily and Abby punishes Paige by canceling her rehearsal. This leads to even more ugliness and Kelly tells Abby she is done. She further tells Abby her tuition should also include costumes and props.

The next rehearsal, Kelly brings the girls but stays outside. Melissa then turns on the other Dance Moms and approaches Abby to talk about Chloe’s disrespectful behavior and the other three dance moms. She then says they are jealous of Abby’s relationship with her.

The Competition

This week the team prepared for the Energy Dance competition in Chicago. Abby’s planned line up would include a solo by Paige, a duet featuring Nia and Mackenzie, and solos for both Brooke and Chloe. The group number would be entitled “Zombies.” Abby claims she was inspired to choose this theme because the girls appear “dead” on stage. Lastly, Holly (Nia’s mom) is placed in charge of costumes.

When the bus leaves for Chicago, dance mom Kelly and her girls are a no-show. With Paige scheduled to perform in twenty minutes, Abby is frantic that she is still not there. Melissa sees an opportunity and encourages Maddie to go to Abby and ask if she can do a surprise solo. Abby was not convinced, but registers Maddie anyway assuming Paige is not coming. Minutes before the performance, Kelly shows with both Paige and Brooke. Further, Kelly inquires as to why Maddie is dancing. Kelly then makes a tough decision and pulls both her girls from the competition. Paige and Brooke are both called three times but do not come on stage. Next, Chloe dances and has lots of fun. Consequently, her performance is great. Maddie follows Chloe and is doing well until there is a music glitch. Nonetheless, Maddie opts to dance through the problem and the audience cheers her on with lots of vigor. When awards are given, Chloe receives third place and Maddie second.

Finally there is the duet and group performances. Kelly is struggling internally because she knows keeping her daughter’s from dancing will adversely affect the entire dance team. Consequently, she decides to let them dance. Meanwhile, Nia and Mackenzie perform a really cute number called “Circus, Circus.” Last on is the group number “Zombies.” Abby is really pleased with both the costumes and make up, and when awards are presented, the group receives first place along with the Nia and Mackenzie’s duet.

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