‘Dance Moms': ‘Revenge of the Candy Apples’ Recap

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This week Abby Lee will travel with the girls and Dance Moms for another Star Bound dance competition in Myrtle Beach.

The Pyramid

Abby begins the first rehearsal with her infamous pyramid. This week, Kendall was invited to rehearsal, but is told she is still a guest at Abby Lee Dance Studios. On the bottom of the pyramid is both Brooke and Paige because of injuries. Mackenzie is also at the bottom because of her emotional meltdown at last week’s competition when she came in second and not first. Next on the pyramid is Maddie followed by Chloe. At the top of the pyramid is Nia because of the standing ovation she received for her solo performance. Thus, Nia is appointed team captain for the week.

Dance Assignments

Adamant to continue her winning streak, Abby opts to do a group number that is sure to impress. The group number is about a group of girls who can’t be as good as another girl. Thus, they join together to convince the one girl to become like them (that is mediocre). When Abby chooses to give the lead role to Maddie, some Dance Moms are upset. They believe Abby is once again putting down their girls, and elevating Maddie. This leads to an ugly confrontation between Melissa (Maddie’s mom) and Christi (Chloe’s mom).

The following rehearsal, Melissa, Maddie and Mackenzie are missing. As dance captain, Nia is told by Abby to call Maddie and tell her she needs to come to the dance studio immediately. Maddie tells Nia her mom won’t let her come because of problems with the other moms. But, with Maddie not being at rehearsal, the group number is suffering. Although late, Melissa chooses to bring Maddie to rehearsal but does not come in herself.

Meanwhile, Cathy meets with her team about the upcoming competition. She brings back her guest choreographers and encourages the troupe to work hard to beat Abby Lee and of course, Kendall (and her mom Jill). Cathy wants to feature her two boys in the dance, but they are having trouble displaying their emotions.

The night before contest, Abby’s friend tells her Cathy has also registered for the competition. When Abby finds out Justice from Candy Apple’s will do a solo, she pushes for Maddie to compete against him. Although Abby has given Chloe a solo, and Mackenzie and Kendall a duet, she wants a definite win and is sure Maddie can bring it. Still, Melissa declines and is adamant Maddie will not give a solo performance.

The Competition

At competition, Abby reviews the program and asks Jill who the new boy at Candy Apple is. When Jill says she doesn’t know him, Abby is sure he is a ringer.

First up is Chloe performing her solo number. The Dance Moms and Abby are excited, but somewhat afraid as Justice dances next. Both Chloe and Justice dance well so it’s a waiting game. Next, the girls go on stage to prepare for their group number. They do an awesome job. Cathy’s team comes up next but there is a problem when she realizes they’ve forgotten a chair, an important prop in the number. Cathy yells to wait, and they remember to get the chair. Last is the duet competition. First up is Cathy’s boys followed by Mackenzie and Kendall. Abby is sure that being two boys, the judges will let them win until she sees them dance.

When awards are presented, Chloe is given second place by just a tenth of a point. Justice then receives first. In group, Candy Apple’s places third, and Abby Lee’s group first place. Abby’s duet also receives the first place prize. In the back room, Abby fusses at Melissa and further hurts Chloe’s feelings about losing. Later, a shouting match ensues between Abby, Cathy and Melissa.

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