‘Dance Moms': Second Season Finale

During last week’s episode, the Abby Lee Dance Studio received a personal invitation to a scholarship audition at the famous Joffrey School of Ballet. This week (the season’s end) opens with the girls in Manhattan, New York. Abby makes plans with the girls for the auditions, but also informs the girls that she has signed them up for the Starbound Dance Competition in New Jersey.

Along with all the other pressures, Abby sends the Dance Moms out to shop for what she considers more appropriate ballet outfits, namely black leotards and tights. Meanwhile Abby works with the girls on ballet techniques along with solos and groups numbers for the dance competition. Adding to the drama of the week, Abby’s greatest enemy has similar plans. Cathy of Candy Apple’s not only comes to the Joffrey audition with Kendall (formerly of Abby’s), but also competes at the Starbound Competition.

Although Abby is excited for the girls, she is clearly more excited for what one of them receiving the ballet scholarship would mean for her reputation. In addition to claiming a scholarship, Abby is adamant about winning in the group category in New Jersey. Nonetheless, the girls are struggling with their group routine, and Abby’s star pupil, Maddie, looks as though she will fold under the pressure.

At the Joffrey audition, Abby comes face to face with Cathy. Embarrassingly, Cathy gets into a loud confrontation with Christi, one of the Dance Moms. The heated discussion becomes so loud, that one of the judges must come outside and ask them to quiet down.

Abby Lee, the girls, and Dance Moms enter the Starbound Competition with hopes of defending their national championship group title, but comes in tenth place. Adding to insult, Candy Apples beats them for the first time by just one point. Abby leaves the room in tears and misses the call Christi receives offering Chloe a scholarship to the ballet school. The call is taken via speakerphone which allows Maddie, the other girls, and all the Dance Moms to hear. This leaves Maddie distraught, and she begins to throw somewhat of a temper tantrum.

Still, ahead are the solo competitions and even more drama. During her routine Maddie is dancing beautifully but then runs off stage in tears when she forgets part of her dance. Chloe then comes out to dance and does a great job; however, Abby is busy crying for Maddie. Holly and the other Dance Moms blatantly confront Abby about the situation. Unbeknownst to the moms, while Chloe is receiving a first place award, Abby is making plans to return to the hotel and back home early.

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