Dance Moms: ‘Worst Birthday Party Ever’ Recap

This week the dancers travel to Atlanta for the Starbound competition. The last time the Abby Lee Dancers performed in this contest, they suffered a big loss. Consequently, Abby is out for a big win. Additionally, Abby works with the girls and Dance Moms for an audition with the television show “Drop Dead Diva.”

The Pyramid

After discussing the upcoming competition in Atlanta, Abby introduces her pyramid and dance assignments. This week, Paige is at the immediate bottom of the list. This was no surprise, however, as Kelly (Paige’s mom) had changed Paige’s choreography in the last competition. Also on the bottom of the pyramid is Mackenzie and Brooke (although she is now off probation). In the middle is Nia and Maddie, and at the top of the pyramid is Chloe (who won the costume award and made the top ten in the competition in Ohio).


For the Atlanta competition, Abby has planned solos, a trio and group performance. This includes solos by Maddie and Chloe, and a trio with Nia, Mackenzie and Paige. There is also a group number which includes everyone from the troupe except Mackenzie (because of lack of maturity). To everyone’s surprise, however, Mackenzie will be replaced with Payton who will be featured in the number.

At a later rehearsal, Abby is furious when she finds out Chloe has missed rehearsal to attend an overnight school field trip. Leslie sees this as an opportunity to promote her daughter for a solo spot. Abby agrees to give Payton a solo and begins work with her.

Kelly’s Birthday Party

Outside of rehearsals, the Dance Moms meet at a restaurant to plan Kelly’s birthday party. Their main discussion is whether Leslie (Payton’s mom) should or should not be invited to the party. Kelly however has decided to invite her no matter the opinion of the other moms.

At Kelly’s 41st birthday party, some of the ladies are hopeful Leslie will not show. She does, however, and with lots of drinks flowing, an ugly fight ensues between Leslie and Christi.

Auditions for “Drop Dead Diva”

Abby and the Dance Moms are excited about the opportunity to audition with the television show “Drop Dead Diva.” Nonetheless, Abby’s archrival Cathy and her Candy Apples have also been invited. When telling the parents about the opportunity, Cathy also tells everyone Kelly has taken Kendall out of the Candy Apple studio. The question remains, however—where is she?

At Competition

In Atlanta, Chloe gives a stellar solo performance and comes in fourth, but Maddie does even better and places first. Abby is extremely pleased with the solos but is really nervous about the upcoming trio. Her concerns prove true when Mackenzie messes up, Paige has little mistakes, and Nia falls on her flip. Next up from the studio is Payton with her jazz solo. When Payton is mediocre, Leslie blames a lack of practice time on her failure. Abby furthers feeds Leslie’s problems with the other moms when she asks Kelly in front of Leslie why she doesn’t want Payton in the group. Leslie then begins to cry but is not consoled by Abby, but instead is chastised. On the way to the group performance, Abby tells everyone they will walk home if they come in 10th again. Other awards received at this competition included Paytonin second place, the trio fifth place, and the studio took first for their group number.

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