Dancing Cop ‘Breaks’ DNC Traffic Jams (Video)

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What’s a good way to forget about traffic nightmares outside the heavily guarded Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC? A dancing cop does the trick every time.

That was the thinking on Wednesday when an unidentified traffic officer decided to liven up the atmosphere, pulling some nifty choreography moves as the densely packed motorists tried to go about their business.

The video below, apparently taken by an amused pedestrian, shows a State Trooper pulled into the job of directing traffic at one of the busy intersections leading up to several checkpoints just outside the convention center.

Naturally, the added security is a nightmare for the folks trying to get their vehicles past the checkpoints, and even worse for those who don’t even have any business there.

So, this dancing cop, decided to put on a show for the benefit of the grumpy few who just happened to be passing by and got roped in anyway.

It’s the softer side of police work. But, a word of warning.

For this show, plenty of tickets are still available.

Here’s the video:

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