Dancing with the Stars 2010 ABC – DWTS Vote could get Political with Bristol Palin

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The 2010 DWTS vote is shaping up to be even more of a major political event than the recent mid-term elections across the nation.  In the running for the Dancing with the Stars 2010 ABC ballroom trophy are “Dirty Dancing” star Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey and yes, Bristol Palin, daughter of former VP candidate and Tea Party enthusiast, Sarah Palin.


Bristol Palin’s inclusion in the DWTS finals has raised eyebrows and conspiracy theories, that Tea Party backers are influencing the votes.  Palin’s recent dancing performances weren’t too bad, but the fact a true entertainer like Brandy was eliminated really shocked the judges and faithful viewers.  Many loyal viewers believe Jennifer Grey should be the winner and she was predicted by people to take the trophy before they even stepped foot on the dance floor this season.  Grey is sort of a sentimental choice due to the fact she was a co-star of Patrick Swayze, and the fact she can dance very well!  Kyle Massey’s no slouch either and has definitely earned his way to the finals, while Bristol Palin has shown improvement over the weeks, and clearly has her share of fans.

The DWTS voting is currently going on, with voting to remain open until 11AM EST on Tuesday November 23rd.  To cast your vote, simply head over to the Dancing with the Stars vote page courtesy of ABC.com.  You’re given a total of 5 votes which you can cast at your discretion.  The pairings are Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas versus Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough versus Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer.  The championship team for the season will be revealed on Tuesday’s episode of DWTS.

Who will you be voting for in the 2010 DWTS vote?  Will Bristol Palin win “Dancing with the Stars”, or someone else?


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