Dancing with the Stars 2010 Voting; Who got kicked off tonight? The voting results are in!

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Who got kicked off ‘Dancing with the Stars’ tonight? The 2010 results are in and Shannon Doherty and Mark Ballas were kicked off ‘Dancing with the Stars’ after an under par performance by the dynamic duo.  Mark Ballas claimed to be injured and contributed that to their demise.

Shannon Doherty simply stated, “Dancing is not my thing; I call that a success.”

The overall scores of each ‘Dancing with the Stars’ couples are listed below:

Niecy and Louis – 39

Jake and Chelsie – 40

Pamela and Damian – 43

Erin and Maks – 44

Evan and Anna – 47

Buzz and Ashley – 26

Kate and Tony – 31

Aiden and Edyta – 34

Chad and Cheryl – 34

Shannon and Mark – 38

Nicole and Derek – 53




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