Dancing with the Stars 2011 – Chelsea Kane Rocks Rio

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On Dancing with the Stars, Chelsea Kane took a trip to rockin’ Rio for American Week. Her high octane version of the Brazilian dance known as the samba sizzled as she and Mark Ballas obviously had a blast on DWTS last night.

Dressed like the Fourth of July, this Disney princess was full of zest as she and her ballroom pro partner grooved their Latin number to the Miley Cyrus track Party in the USA. And what happened on the dance floor was like a party, with both dancers really exuberant in their effort to win the judges’ approval.

That they mostly did on Dancing with the Stars last night.

Bruno, who was as quippy as ever, said, “This is a party, and I’m not talking a Tupperware party.” Tonioli felt the “excitement” and praised Chelsea’s “placement,” saying it was “good.”

Meanwhile, Carrie Ann thought the dance from Rio with Mark Ballas was simply “fantastic” and even often grumpy Len said this samba was “good fun” though he did accuse Chelsea and Mark of messing up the promenades at the end of the number.

Still, the end was the end of a dance full of South American flavor mixed with the good ole USA in a patriotic tribute meant to honor Route 66, gas stations and our great nation. Back stage, Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas learned that they had earned a total combined score of 26 from the DWTS judges, putting this contender in a respectable second place with Romeo and Chris Jericho in a three way tie at the end of the evening.

So what did you think of Dancing with the Stars last night? Did Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas get it right with their samba? Did you feel like they took a trip to Rio or did they stay in the US on American Week? Thoughts? Thanks.

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