‘Dancing with the Stars’ 2012 Finals—Spoilers and Predictions for May 21

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At last! Dancing with the Stars for 2012 has finally danced its way to the finals for season 14.

But who will win this hard fought talent competition? Who will win now that fierce competitor Maria Menounos (who, some say, was robbed) has been eliminated–leaving William Levy, Donald Driver, and Katherine Jenkins to fight it out with their pro ballroom partners by their sides while coming up with effective dances?

Well, that’s a matter of opinion at this point.

Mark Ballas has done wonders in the past with his charges, winning a total of two times and arriving at the finals four times. His protegé this year is a natural. Katherine Jenkins has been a wonder on the dance floor but with that said, did she peek too soon? Did her injury push her back as far as progress is concerned? That’s a matter to be addressed on Monday.

On the other hand, Donald Driver’s partner, Peta Murgatroyd, has only been on the show for two seasons but she seems to have pushed this Super Bowl champion to peek at the right time. This dark horse may well enter the realm of possibly taking the win. He certainly wants that coveted mirror ball trophy in a huge way and he has shown he may just have earned it.

As for William Levy?

Well, this hunky telenovela star has been a top pick by thousands (even millions?) of fans since the beginning. He is a good-looking guy who has always caught the eye of Dancing with the Stars‘ all kinds of fans, including judge Bruno Tonioli, who seems absolutely infatuated with the Latin Brad Pitt.

In addition, Levy has left DWTS arbiter Carrie Ann Inaba flustered week after week. However, at the semi-finals at times he failed to live up to certain standards. Still, this show can often turn into a popularity contest, so time will tell.

Time will also tell who can come up with the best freestyle, a true test of prowess during the Dancing with the Stars finals every season. This year the degree of difficulty needed to earn the scores that will take these dancers closer to the win will need to be amplified since the competition is so close.

That said, Donald Driver is being pushed by Peta to take him through a lot of tricks and numerous lifts in order to show off his newly learned skills to come in for the kill.

Meanwhile, Mark Ballas is having Katherine push hard. He tells her to “blow it out of the box.”

Although, if she is true to form, Jenkins may be a bit reticent about doing the freestyle, Mark is cooking up a real stunner. The choreographer remarks, “This one’s very different for me, put it that way. You’re not going to see it and…be like ‘I know what Mark’s going to do’ like maybe you could have in the past.”


At that, William Levy is totally unable to pinpoint how his freestyle is going to go. In fact, he said on Tuesday, “I’ve never been in this competition before. I don’t even know what the Freestyle is. All I know is Cheryl had to go work on it right now. So hopefully she makes it good…I know she’s not going to have a boring routine”

No doubt she’ll make it good and no doubt the dance will be creative and then some. Cheryl is a pro, and has won this competition in the early days of Dancing with the Stars so she’s had lots of practice coming up with choreography that dazzles no matter what the genre.

So, as the last dancers on Dancing with the Stars 2012 prepare for the finals, these hoofers are likely going to stun the appreciative crowd on May 21.

Meanwhile, witht that said, what are your predictions? Who do you think will be taking home that coveted mirror ball trophy after a season to remember on this popular ABC TV talent show?

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