‘Dancing with the Stars’ 2012 Recap: Gilles Marini Debates the Rumba on Oct. 22

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On Dancing with the Stars 2012 for Oct. 22, all remaining contenders were on fire as this talented group appeared on the small screen either before or after the Presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, depending on the time zone. And, although some pundits may not be sure who won the political battle, the one on the DWTS dance floor for the solos of the evening almost certainly belonged to Gilles Marini.

Or at least his scores say so. After pulling off what was supposed to be a classic rumba, Marini and his pro partner, Peta Murgatroyd, earned a near perfect score at 29.5 points out of a possible 30.

Before this gorgeous couple hit the floor boards, the man of this dynamic duo disclosed quite a bit about himself in the pre-taped DWTS package. He talked about the first time he discovered how much he likes (loves?) women (that happened at age 15 for this French heart-throb) and how he loves to listen to Whitney Houston. Oh, and how he loves motorcycles, too.

And so, after giving up this personal information and after practicing for a rumba that Peta choreographed to make fans swoon, the handsome pair took on the ballroom to the strains of the iconic Whitney classic, I Will Always Love You. Together, these two managed to maneuver some moves that seemed truly impossible. For instance, one that really astonished was when Murgatroyd was bent into a dip by Gilles who nearly pulled her in half as she executed an astounding split that will not soon be forgotten.

At the end of this number and as the two performers smiled wide, the studio audience went wild and so did the Dancing with the Stars judges. Bruno Tonioli, in complete awe, said the Gilles and Peta rumba was “one of the best performances” he had ever witnessed on this ABC show.

Head arbiter Len Goodman also was upbeat with most of his comments. Normally quite serious, he must have been in a goofy mood because he exclaimed in a twist on terms that these two had managed to change October into “Hot-tober.” He did say that Peta’s leg went up a bit too much for him, but that was a minor detail at that point.

And then, to take the cake, so to speak, Carrie Ann both literally and figuratively showed how much she had fallen in love with the number she just watched by, well, falling off her chair. Yep! That’s right. She fell for Gilles in a very big way while giving an excited review, saying after seeing this dance, “Let the baby-making begin.” Of course, Marini came to her rescue after she lost her footing, which had this particular judge panting and laughing all at the same time.

Although all this Inaba bit happened spontaneously, perhaps her fall was bound to happen since Marini had told the camera before he danced that he wanted his number to be “clean” and “beautiful” and, uh, “breast-taking.” Ba rump bump.

That said, apparently the guy did what he wanted because, on Dancing with the Stars 2012, Gilles Marini accomplished all three goals with Peta Murgatroyd as the two presented a salacious rumba on Oct. 22. What do you think? Great dance or too sexy? A lot of fun or too extreme for prime time TV? Please weigh in.

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