‘Dancing with the Stars’ 2012 Semifinals Recap: Katherine Jenkins Breaks Down after Salsa Stumble

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On Dancing with the Stars during the second dance of the semi-finals, Katherine Jenkins messed up a near perfect salsa and started to cry from what was said to be pain due to a sudden injury.

At the end of her Latin performance, which was themed like that of a belly dance (authentic costume and all), done to the theme of Bonanza and choreographed for a whole lot of giggle, the singer turned hoofer seemed to run out of steam.

And why not?

Mark Ballas’ routine was extremely labor intensive, so when Jenkins was not able to execute the final turn and end up on Mark’s bended knee as planned, she took a visible stumble instead.

At that point, this beautiful dancer seemed to suffer a melt down on Dancing with the Stars, with both Mark Ballas and host Tom Bergeron there to comfort her. In fact, Katherine’s partner told her, “I got you. I got you. I got you,” after Jenkins lost her footing and started to profusely apologize through her tears.

Judging at that point wasn’t any fun for this apparently injured competitor. Still, that’s part of the deal on DWTS, especially intense at this point in the TV talent competition. The arbiters seemed to take pity on the dancer, and judged mostly on what she did before the fatal stumble, each of them giving her 9s for her Latin number that had been perfect prior to the unfortunate fall.

Also prior to the disaster that befell her during her salsa, Katherine’s prepackaged segment told everyone watching about how, when she was very young, she embraced her love of music. In fact, a video of Jenkins at four years old showed how talented she was even back them. After that she attended the Royal Academy of Music, and then her career flourished.

Although this UK artist’s life seemed to be ideal, she did have some snags along the way to today. She lost her dad when she was just a teenager, and she suffered the end of a relationship that had been headed for marriage only last year. So, with all of this going on, Katherine Jenkins was thrilled when she was asked to compete on Dancing with the Stars 2012.

All was happy again for the Welsh talent until Monday when she was injured. Back stage, Jenkins explained that she “felt [her] back go as [she] bent back.” Then she apologized to Mark, after which time Jenkins was off to be checked out by a physician.

So, as Dancing with the Stars suffers some live drama for the semi-finals when Kath and Mark danced their second dance, will Katherine Jenkins be the one who will be voted off tomorrow, thus depriving this amazing dancer the chance to nap the mirror ball trophy with Ballas? Or will she get the pity vote and be able to go on with the show? Thoughts?

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