‘Dancing with the Stars’ 2012: William Levy Shares Decision He Made in 2010

William Levy talked to Ryan Seacrest Monday about a big decision he had to make in 2010. The hot Cuban is now a Dancing with the Stars 2012 contestant, but he was offered to sign on with the show two years ago. At the time he was approached to be on the 2012 season of DWTS, Levy had gone back to the Latin market in television after being in America two years.

Levy said:

“I started acting, and came over here and started for two years. Then went back to the Latin market. I started working in telenovelas and then all of a sudden they called me to do this show over here. Two years ago they invited me, and I didn’t have the time to do it. And right now I was able to do it, to put myself 100% into this, you know.”

Obviously William Levy waited for the perfect time because he’s the most-talked about contestant on Dancing with the Stars 2012. He hasn’t scored under a 24 yet on the dance floor. On Monday night he and pro-dance partner, Cheryl Burke, will perform the Salsa that is sure to heat up the ballroom. His popularity is staggering on the show. It’ll definitely help him find more work in Hollywood, which is his main goal. Looks like his wish will certainly come true if the fans have anything to say about it!

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