Dancing With the Stars Elimination– Mom of Eight, Kate Gosselin Says Goodbye

The day has finally arrived, Kate Gosselin gets eliminated from Dancing Wwith the Stars. The week was movie week on Dancing With the Stars where each couple danced to a movie theme song and as characters in the movie.  The night started with Nicole Scherzinger, safe from elimination with her nearly perfect score of 29 for her Tango.  Nest announced was Kate Gosselin, who scored 15 last night, was facing elimination in the bottom two.

Niecy, Evan, Erin, were all declared safe as well; leaving Jake, Pamela Anderson, and Kate to sweat it out.  Jake and Chelsie were first to be declared safe of the second round cuts; finally Chad and Cheryl were safe, but they couldn’t hear Brooke and thought, for a second, they were eliminated.

Down to Pamela Anderson and Kate Gosselin, neither wanted to leave Dancing With the Stars, but America voted and the sexpot stayed and the mom of eight was eliminated.  Kate was heartbroken, tearing up and truly emotional, Tony praised her for taking all the criticism out there, giving her “all the credit in the world for showing up as exhausted as she was.”  It was then Kate’s turn to praise Tony as wonderful teacher who truly touched her emotionally, “Thank you for believing in me, probably more than I believed in myself.”

Despite the April 20th elimination the night was full of fun, starting from Jake and Chelsie’s encore of their Risky Business dance from the previous night.  Also on Dancing With the Stars Maxwell performed “Fistful of Tears”, the professional dancers, Tony, Derek and Damian danced to Debi Nova’s “Drummer Boy.”  The Macy’s Stars of Dance in honor of movie week did performances created by Marquerite Derricks, the dance were to Puttin on the Ritz, Saturday Night Fever, Austin Powers and Fame.

Was it Kate’s time to go?  I kind of feel badly for her.

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