Dancing With the Stars Line-Up Spoiler…NFL Super Star Dances!

Dancing with the Stars 2010 line up is being spoiled once again. Can ABC not keep anything quiet! Here we go, rumors have it that several favorites for the line up are out. So instead of waiting until after the Finale of the Bachelor. Here it is so get ready to be spoiled.

Bay Watch Babe Pamela Anderson is predicted to be seen in the line up for Dancing With the Stars 2010. Also, Kate Gosselin has been seen practicing her dance moves lately. Paula Abdul is reported as not being a part of the 2010 Dancing with the Stars Line Up, because of her upcoming commitment to be a judge on the X Factor with Simon Cowell.

A new update is that NFL super star football player, Ochocinco will also be dancing on the ABC Dancing With the Stars. So stay tuned tonight after the Bachelor on ABC to received the official results! Can’t wait to see if these spoilers are correct, because actually I believe the 2010 Dancing with the Stars Line Up needs more spice and pizzazz then Gozzelin, Ochocinco and an aging Pamela Anderson!

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