Dancing With the Stars Loses Samantha Harris as Co-Host

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While co-workers are lamenting the news, reality TV fans are applauding and saying, “Thank God!” It’s been announced today that Samantha Harris will not return to Dancing With the Stars when the show airs its tenth season on March 22.

Harris co-hosted the dancing show with Tom Bergeron for ABC, yet her duties at her daytime job, The Insider, have been picking up as of late. Being that she had a baby a few years back, her time has to be a precious commodity to her these days. Bergeron is saying he is sad to see her go, and that he has done his share of twisting arms to get people to stay, and the executive producer of the show is saying that she has been a brilliant part of Dancing With the Stars.

Fans are saying something different in response to this news. They don’t see her as brilliant and found her annoying at best. She sometimes found it different to add up three single digits correctly when having to give a total score quickly, and her off the cuff remarks were often odd and out of place. When she was gone on maternity leave, with Drew Lachey filling in, it was like a breath of fresh air.

This leaves the show with a big hole, however, going into its March 22 season premiere. ABC tried last year to secure Paul Abdul’s services for the show, and she’d be welcomed by many in the role of co-host, yet most fans are expecting her to be sitting next to Simon Cowell a year-and-half from now on X-Factor. Figuring she will not be available, there should be plenty of B celebrities that have danced on the show who could fill Harris’ shoes. Perhaps Cloris Leachman. Of course, they’d have to make sure they don’t air live anymore.


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