Dancing With the Stars Pairings, Kate Gosselin Dishes on GMA [video]

This morning Kate Gosselin went on Good Morning America to discuss her new role on Dancing With the Stars.  Gosselin and dance partner Tony Davolani  spoke with George Stephanopoulos about how they are going to fit in time to practice routines, and how good a dancer Kate really is.

Davolani said that Kate is a blank canvas that he can paint, her response, “How good of a painter are you?”  Although she doesn’t claim to be the best she says she is determined and dedicated to taking on Dancing With the Stars.  The show is taped in L.A. and Kate and her eight children live in Pennsylvania; Kate said she was putting a dance studio in her basement and Tony was moving in!  When the kids are at school she is going to dance, when they are asleep, she is going to dance.  Tony Davolani seems to be all for it, excited about his chance to work with the most famous reality TV mom.

Kate says she is not afraid of anything, “[her] mind is willing to do it but [her] body has to figure it out.”  Tony talked about how Kate takes care of the family all the time and by doing Dancing With the Stars she is taking time out for herself, which is very important.  Kate mentioned she did not tell her children she would be on the show until an hour before; after which Cara and Maddy asked if they could vote for her… “Uh Yes,” was Kate’s response.

George also tells us the new Celebrity line-up for Dancing With the Stars, and I must say I am pumped for Evan Lysacek and Shannen Doherty.

Watch the video interview here:


Who are you most excited to see perform on Dancing With the Stars?


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