Dancing With The Stars–Pamela Anderson finishes with a Bang!

Tonight was a pretty entertaining premiere on Dancing With the Stars, aka DWTS! There was a very interesting lineup of celebrities and athletes as well as the famous Reality TV mom: Kate Gosselin, from Jon and Kate plus 8.

The night started out with Chad Ochocinco with partner Cheryl Burke and he did pretty well. It was a great way to kick off the first episode of the season. He looks like he’s dedicated to getting better and working hard on the show! I know Cheryl seems eager to be a DWTS champion again and maybe this will be her season.

Shannen Doherty’s performance, although thoughtful and endearing to dedicate the performance to her Dad (who was beaming in the audience), it was kind of flat. I don’t know if she’ll go far in the competition, especially if fans are voting because she has kind of the “diva,” bad reputation on previous shows. I thought Carrie Ann and the judges were really rather nice to her in their comments.

Erin Andrews was up next with Maksim and they danced to Tik Tok, by Kesha. It was a really lively, vivacious dance number. They were fun to watch on the dance floor and the snippets of their practice session because they were playful and had great chemistry! I think her being a perfectionist may slow her down at first, but she looks like she’ll go far in the competition.

Jake Pavelka and Chelsie were up next. Jake danced exactly the way I thought he would, and that is no compliment. He was stiff and boring, much like his personality, his performance was FLAT! He should have stuck to the Bachelor and cooled it on the dancing.

Olympic figure skater Evan was up next with Sara and they were the first high score of the evening. Evan definitely needs to break some of his figure skating habits on the ballroom dance floor and then he’ll be alright!

“Man on the moon” Buzz with partner Ashly Costa was a favorite of the evening. He received a long and much deserved standing ovation for being 80 years old and dancing. Also he just has a great positive character and has achieved a lot in his lifetime that was noticed worldwide. His dancing skills aren’t up to par, but he’s a super senior citizen who motivates others to get up, get out there, and dance!

Nicole Sherzinger with partner Derek Hough, dancing the Viennese Waltz, seems like the lady to beat on season 10 DWTS! She looked like a swan–so elegant and graceful. She moved with beauty, poise, and ease. I think the pair also had a lot of fun together so definitely looking forward to what comes next!

Aiden Turner and Edyta who danced the cha, cha, cha were on hot dance couple! They are both so good looking! The soap star was a bit stiff, but their number was playful and their hotness factor alone can get them far! Hey it’s the truth!

Next was America’s famous Reality Television Mom: Kate, and boy, was she nervous. Her nerves were very apparent. I hope they keep her on the show because I think it would be funny to see her cut loose, not be in control, and have fun! She has the new flowy hair, in shape body, and demanding attitude everywhere else! It would be awesome to see her use it all on the dance floor and see another side of her. I like how Carrie Ann Anaba was talking about how this is actually completely out of the ordinary and out of Kate’s element. The other stars and athletes chose that path on purpose, while she was just a mom of mulitiple multilples and happened to be on tv and then her life was televised and in magazines everywhere. She’s not a trained performer or athlete! Although I think some of the media that surrounds her and some of her choices are not ideal, I commend her for trying the show out!

I know I skipped Niecey somewhere up there, from Clean House, but she did fabulous tonight. She was sexy, sassy, and fun and she definitely shaked what her Mama gave her! I look forward to seeing her more on the show. I hope she opens her mind though on the weight issue, I do think curves are sexy, being curvy myself, but losing weight a safe and normal weigh like exercising or dancing. I wouldn’t be so opposed to losing weight accidentally or on purpose. I don’t really understand why she mad a point of saying she didn’t want to lose any weight on the show–if it happens, it happens, you’ll still be curvy.

Lastly, but most certainly not least was Pamela Anderson. I am not alone in saying: WOW! The other comments that surrounded her performance was: ” How do you get your hair to do that?” and “I can only think of sex, sex, SEX” (Bruno). She may not be the best dancer as far as technique goes, but she is one sexy performer! There were hair flips EVERYWHERE! She knows how to use her body and have fun! She will definitely get votes and hopefully she’ll go far because I’d love to see what she’d do with some of the other dances, tonight was a cha, cha, cha-sexy! I think she was partnered accordingly with newbie Damien Whitewood.

So what did you think of the premiere?

How crazy would it be if Pamela Anderson and Kate Gosselin became good friends?  (I know right?!)

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