Dancing With the Stars Ratings Fall, Lee Dewyze Puts American Idol Back On Top

Since this season started, all we’ve been hearing is how dominant the Dancing With the Stars ratings were and that it was toppling American Idol from its spot at the top for the first time ever. This week, American Idol can finally grab their crown back, thanks mostly to Lee Dewyze.

For a long time, American Idol was tops in the ratings, at least on performance nights. Their dominance was nearly epic, and they were so far ahead of the competition, they could fall a great deal and still be out on top, kind of like Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze. And fall they a did, more and more each year. Every time the Fox competition show made changes to their format, everyone accused them of jumping the shark to get back the ratings they had lost, but the truth was they had far to fall before they got to that point, according to last years ratings from the first week Dancing With the Stars and American Idol went head to head.

ABC has been touting its dominance over Fox comparing the shows’ performance night ratings, but this week, Dancing With the Stars fell a few million to just 18.1 millions viewers, while American Idol raised its game to get 18.3 million viewers. Many fans of the show will tell you it wasn’t so much Fox raising its game, but Lee Dewyze raising his game hoping to nab a spot in the final 2. Lee’s versions of Simple Man and Hallelujah were on the scale of what you would epxect for a winner, making the judges believe that Lee himself finally believes he can win.

These numbers say that while American Idol has improved since the beginning of the season, Dancing With the Stars has fallen. Big name stars such as Kate Gosselin and Pamela Anderson have been voted out of Dancing With the Stars, leaving Nicole Shcerzinger, Evan Lysacek, and Erin Andrews – hardly household names – to compete in the finals. While American Idol took some heat at the beginning of the season for having less talent than in previous years, they head to the finals next week with a final two which will most likely be Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox, who between the two of them have dominated the competiton, with neither having fallen to the bottom three yet.

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