Dancing With The Stars Results 4/27 – The Bachelor Blues (VIDEO)

Another sad elimination on Dancing With The Stars.  But all good things must come to an end right?  Well, except for last week when Kate Gosselin’s run on the show ended – that was sweet surrender and sweet elimination.

This weeks disappointing goodbye goes to the guy who’s all smiles all the time – Jake (The Bachelor) Pavelka.  It’s sad to see him go, as he was in high spirits every week, smiling and had put all his energy into his dance routines. 

Jake and Chelsie’s dance routine Monday night landed them on the bottom of the judges scoring, and they were also first to be eliminated in the swing off competition.  Bottom does not always mean elimination as we have seen in past weeks, but Jake’s done.

Neicy and Louis were along side Jake and Chelsie at the bottom two.  If it had to come down to personality, pizzazz and even dancing skills I would have picked Jake as the one to save. 

Jake was sad to leave last night, thanking all of his fans for the great support.  Jake told Chelsie, “Thank you so much Chelsie, you’re one of my best friends….(choking back tears) I have loved every second of this, I love you and thank you for being so great to my beautiful fiancé Vienna.  Thank you everybody for watching and keeping me in.”

So is this the end of Jake’s reality show appearance?  I’m sure he wants to spend time with fiancé Vienna now that DWTS is over for him.


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