Dancing with the Stars Results! November 17th

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After eight weeks of competition we are down to the semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars Season 9.  Each celebrity couple was to perform three routines, putting immense pressure on the participants to do well. The dances were ballroom, Latin–where each celebrity would take a solo, and as their knockout dances.

Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson began with their ballroom dance.  Gilles Marini visited the couple to teach Donny all he knows about passion and intensity.  Unfortunately even with Gilles assistance Donny’s Tango was completely off.  The song choice was bad and his balance was completely off.  After the dance ended, Donny screamed and insulted his sister Marie.  Len also took a jab at the female Osmond, and Bruno told him, “you completely lost it.”  Carrie Ann thought their was no drama on the floor.  After continually whining like a child and interrupting the judges, Donny and Kym got a score of 21.

Next Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough.  Derek continued his immaturity trend and got a little feisty in rehearsal.  Brooke Burke joined Joanna for support, and attempted imitations of “angry Derek.”  He pulled it together for their Viennese Waltz–which was delicate and refine.  Bruno said Joanna’s  “waltz had grace of angels in heaven.”  Carrie Ann told her “you took my breath away.”  Len thought Joanna’s hold was as good as some professionals, although he did critique her technique a bit.  Still, Joanna was given a 27 from the judges, pretty impressive.

Kelly Osbourne and Louis Van Amstel took the floor and were the first to perform their Latin dance.  Their Rumba rehearsal looked on spot, and their performance was even better. Carrie Ann said “[Kelly] brought me to tears” and that she had a “magical quality.”  Len believed that over the course of the season Kelly “turned into an absolutely competent dancer” but that was not her best performance.  Bruno was disappointed there was not eroticism, obviously, and that “some things were not as perfect as they should have been.”  They were awarded a 24, at least it’s better than Donny.

Mya, oh Mya, and Dmitry Chaplin were determined during rehearsal–so serious.  They danced the fastest Waltz ever.  Their line and choreography were perfect, despite the crappy song. Len called the dance “an absolute joy to watch,”  and Bruno said their dance was “love set to music.”  Bruno is ever the romantic.  Carrie Ann told Mya she has the potential to get all tens, but needs to focus a little more on her hold.  They are the front runners with a score of 28.

In between dances there were videos of each celebrities rise to fame.  The most touching story was Joanna Krupa, who was born in Communist Poland.  She took ballet lessons when she was young, but had to quit because he parents did not have the money to support it.  Hugh Hefner made an appearance saying “Joanna without a question has that special spark.”  Joanna Krupa is the December 2009 Playboy Cover Girl.

Joanna and Derek received a 27 for their ChaCha, Bruno’s mind being consistently in the gutter told Joanna “you are just natural sex.”  Well Bruno she is posing for Playboy.  Kelly and Louis quickstepped really well until Kelly fell out of step with Louis in the middle.  Still, they managed to receive a 27.  Side note, Kelly looks amazing!  She is really coming into her own, you can tell she is so much happier.  After Mya’s video of learning how to tap dance out of a book, she took the floor with Dmitry. Their Salsa was AMAZING, or in Bruno’s words “SEN-SAY-TION-AL.”  Carrie Ann said it was “fantastic” and Len was “mesmerized” by Mya’s “buttocks.”  They are definitely making it to the finale, perfect score of 30.

For the knockout dances all couples received a 27 except Mya who got a 29.


The final results for November 17th are: out of 90 possible points.

Donny and Kym- 74 points

Kelly and Louis- 78 points

Joanna and Derek- 81 points

Mya and Dmirty- 87 points

With points like these it is a MAJOR surprise that Joanna and Derek were voted off last night.  They performed well in the semi-finals, clearly, but America’s votes were not enough to keep them around.  America really loves Donny, WHY?!? I think there are a lot of people out there who would rather watch Joanna than Donny–too bad they aren’t the ones that vote.

The finals are on Monday at 8pm and the results are Tuesday at 9pm.  It is reported that Whitney Houston will be singing on Tuesday.

What do you think? Are you as disappointed as I am that Joanna got the boot and Donny is still around? Who will win the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy?

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