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The ever-popular DANCING WITH THE STARS, where the most unlikely participants twinkletoe with actual professional dancers, is back for its 10th season, beginning March 22. The word went out this week that there were 11 candidates to glide across the ABC dance floor this time around and Kate Gosselin, reality star of JON AND KATE PLUS 8 and the subsequent soap opera that her recent divorce from said Jon has created, was spotted dancing at a ritzy ballroom in downtown Los Angeles with what might have been a trainer! Tonight, after THE BACHELOR, ABC announced the official line-up and it is as eccentric and eclectic as any other season, in alphabetical order:

Buzz Aldrin –  esteemed NASA Astronaut, took first steps on the moon with Neil Armstrong, national hero

Erin Andrews – lovely ESPN Sportscaster

Pamela Anderson  – small screen siren, BAYWATCH

Shannen Doherty – Actress with temperament issues, BEVERLY HILLS 90210

Kate Gosselin – reality star, mother of 8

Chad Ochocinco Johnson – NFL Wide Receiver, Cincinnati Bengals

Evan Lysacek – 2010 Gold Medal figure skater

Nicole Scherzinger – one of the Pussycat Dolls’ dancers.

Niecy Nash - Comedian and ex-“Reno 911″ star

Aiden Turner –  “All My Children”

While none of them seems at first glance to be a shoo-in, remember that one of the most recent winners was another skater, speed-skating Gold Medalist and now the winningest athlete in the Winter games, Apolo Anton Ohno.  And, of course, since it takes a special kind of grace to wander about in space, I would put some serious money down on Buzz Aldrin!

Who do you think the eleventh contestant is? And do you think that a new host, like Kelly Osbourne, would improve the show at all? And does the recent snafu with Lacey Schwimmer, who is now leaving the show, make you less anxious to watch? Or does it not matter, given this astounding weird alignment  of “stars”?

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