‘Dancing with the Stars’ season 13 – Will Ricki Lake and Derek Hough Be Victorious?

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Dancing with the Stars for season 13 has a lot of talent and not many good dancers. At least not just yet.

Take Ricki Lake.

Although this actress/talk show host danced her fanny off on the John Waters’ cult classic, Hairspray, she didn’t do quite that with Derek Hough on Monday for the DWTS premiere when the duo did the Viennese waltz.

But, then again, the Dancing with the Stars assignment was a waltz,so there not a lot of rockin’ going on with this ballroom staple. There is, however, a lot of attention to detail on the dance floor and so Ricki and Derek did a lot of prep work before their first performance to accomplish a tight rendition.

And that was OK with Ms. Lake, who actually said she “melted a bit” when she first came face-to-face with Mr. Hough. All the practice also was welcomed because this huge personality said she is out to get “my slammin’ body back.”

According to Lake, she had picked up some pounds and wants to drop them, inspired by last season’s contestant Kirstie Alley who has since been rumored to have dropped 100 pounds since starting her regime on Dancing with the Stars.

Ricki Lake is smaller and more compact than Kirstie in general, so don’t expect her to lose anywhere near that much (though she has admitted that she has already lost 8 1/2 inches while working out with Hough). But do expect the 42-year-old to pull off some fancy moves if the voting public keeps her on the ABC talent show.

Meanwhile, last night the dance team that has dubbed themselves “Drickilous” were seen in a clip at practice. At one point, Ricki was a little down, saying that she is “not the most graceful person out there.” She also said, “I am not Jennifer Grey or Nicole Scherzinger,” referring to Derek’s former (and winning) DWTS partners.

Without missing a beat, Hough shot back, “No, you are Ricki Lake and you are fantastic.”

And she was. Especially by dancing with him. The two waltzed to the nostalgic David Gray tune, This Year’s Love, she beautiful in a flowing lavender dress, he dapper with his hair smartly slicked back. The floor was strewn with spots of light, adding a very romantic atmosphere. At the end of the routine, the two did a spin with each other that put the perfect touch on a lovely combination. At that point on Dancing with the Stars, the usually tough and forthright Ricki Lake shed a tear while Tom Bergeron told both Ricki and Derek that they made a great start for the season.

And Bruno Tonioli seemed to agree, telling the new dancer that she was “like the cat that got the cream.” He called her Viennese waltz with Derek “great.”

Len Goodman, ever the downer judge, started out by saying, “I don’t want to be picky, Ricki, but.. I don’t know what was going on with your feet,” referring to a few steps that weren’t quite right. But then he redeemed this critique by commenting that he thought the movement was “lovely” and the fluidity was on point.

As for Dancing with the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba?

She nailed the essence of Ricki Lake and Derek Hough dancing together in their Viennese waltz by telling them, “You completed each other’s moves.” That’s a huge compliment for a couple who are just starting their dancing collaboration.

So what do you think? Is this Dancing with the Stars pair in for a long ride on season 13? Are you saying “Go Ricki, Go Ricki” when you vote for Ricki Lake and Derek Hough on DWTS? Please weigh in.

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