Dancing With the Stars Shawn Johnson Stalker Robert O’Ryan

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TMZ reports Dancing With the Stars participant Shawn JohnsonÂ’s mother filed a restraining order against stalker Robert OÂ’Ryan on Tuesday. The restraining order seeks protection for the 17 year old Shawn Johnson and her dancing partner Mark Ballas against the 34 year old OÂ’Ryan, after the cops searched OÂ’RyanÂ’s car and found a loaded handgun, a shotgun, duct tape and zip ties.

But the whole thing gets even wiggier as the restraining order also states stalker Robert OÂ’Ryan believes ex-Olympian Shawn Johnson speaks through his TV set to him and that they will have a child together.


Personally, I canÂ’t see why theyÂ’d need a restraining order for this. I mean, itÂ’s the classic love story: Guy is twice the age of girl when he hears his voice as he watches her on TV, packs up his life to be with her, assuming theyÂ’ll make babies due to her underage shimmying. ItÂ’s practically Romeo and Juliet set in the 21st century. IÂ’m actually surprised no oneÂ’s gone an registered a script for the story yet: The stalker Ryan OÂ’Ryan could be played to perfection by one Jim Carrey, and Renee Zellweger is a shoo in for the 17 year old Shawn Johnson.

Now, if youÂ’ll excuse me, I have a script to go pitchÂ…


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