Dancing With The Stars Turned Into Fighting With The Dancers – Video

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It appears that Dancing With The Stars is not the love fest that we all thought it was. Every week we watch as judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli  lovingly give advice to the stars on what they did right and wrong during their dance routine. The stars usually stand there and smile, and nod, and agree with what the judges tell them and then promise faithfully to do much better the following week, if they’re lucky enough to still be there. But is there some kind of ugliness behind the rosy flow that we see? Apparently there just might be.

On Monday night’s show, judge Carrie Ann Inaba criticized professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy about how he choreographed his dance with star Brandy Norwood.

Ms. Inaba commented that it took “four 8s” for him to start their cha cha cha. Mr. Chmerkovskiy didn’t take this well and told the judge to “Relax, don’t worry about it.” Carrie Ann didn’t appreciate the remark and said that “Kurt,” another star dancing on the show, “did more dancing.” With that Inaba and Chmerkovskiy started arguing and talking over each other while poor Brandy stood there, looking around, with a smile still on her face, and patting her chest.

On the following night’s show, when one of the dancing couples were to be voted off, Brandy and Maks found themselves on the bottom of the list with a chance of being cast off the program. It was then that Carrie Ann Inaba kind of apologized by saying that she respected all the pros on the show.

According to Hollywood Insider, Maks told reporters, “I wasn’t looking for Carrie Ann’s apology. I think we all do our jobs. We are very passionate. We actually spoke when the credits rolled [Tuesday] so it was very pleasant, a very polite conversation. We are good. It’s not a grudge thing. I don’t have anything against Carrie Ann, she doesn’t have anything against me. She said what she said at the moment, and I responded like someone who has put in two and a half months in trying to make someone the best they can be. Whatever I thought, I thought, and we’re past it.

“My concern is that fans think I’m crazy and that I’m some kind of like attention hogging…whatever,” Chmerkovskiy added. “It’s not about me wanting to be in the spotlight. I want to be in the dark. I want Brandy to be in the spotlight. That was the whole point of yesterday.”

So peace is back again on the Dancing With The Stars set. Chmerkovskiy and Brandy were not voted off and we can only assume that they are off rehearsing for next week’s show.

But was there any credibility in Carrie Ann’s statement? Take a look at the video and decide for yourself.

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