Dancing with the Stars week 4 results – DWTS 2010 – is Kate Gosselin safe or eliminated?

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So who was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars April 13, 2010?  Here’s your Dancing with the Stars week 4 results.  During the DWTS show, The Bachelor Jake Pavelka and his partner learned they were safe this week, as did Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger and her partner.  Pamela Anderson also breathed a sigh of relief to learn she and her dance partner were not in the bottom of the bunch.  From there, we saw an interesting ballerina contemporary and hip hop dance routine.  The music dance performance was given by Tiler Peck and Nuttin but Stringz (Damien and Tourie Escobar).

After break Sade performed her hit song “Sweetest Taboo” as dancers showed some smooth operator moves on the dancefloor to accompany her.  Brook Burke interviewed Kate Gosselin and Tony backstage, as well as Chad Ochocino and dance partner Cheryl Burke.  Kate told her partner she loved him and all he’s done for her.

We learned of more safe couples.  Erin Andrews and Max were announced next.  Kate Gosselin, Niecy Nash and Aiden Turner were all tense on stage as they awaited the final announcement.  Who would be the one eliminated this week?  Time for a commercial to build the suspense.

After the final break, we came back with our 3 couples on stage nervously awaiting the final decision.  Surprisingly, once again Kate Gosselin was spared from elimination, leaving the decision to be either Niecy Nash or Aiden Turner going home.  The final vote was revealed, with Aiden and Edyta receiving the lowest vote total.  So Aiden Turner will head home after several weeks on the dancefloor.  Aiden said he gave it his all each week, and had the best time dancing with Edyta.  It was also noteworthy that upon learning of the final Dancing with the Stars week 4 results, the audience all stood to give a warm round of applause to Aiden Turner for his dancing attempts.

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