Dancing with the Stars–who will be elminated???

So tonight I will not comment or talk about all performances because I came in a little late. I will, however, discuss highlight performances (or at least performances that were notable to me for one reason or another).

Niecey Nash brought another emotional dance performance. This week she did a tribute dance to her brother who passed away. I liked the dance, but the judges felt that there was a disconnect between the dance performed and the emotional feelings that Niecey portrayed. I hope she sticks around.

Nicole Scherzinger still put on a hot performance eventhough Bruno said: “she needed more sex;” her sex appeal is never lacking. The only unattractive thing about her was the way she handled her nerves and criticism of a less-than-perfect performance. She didn’t even answer questions about her performance, she just shook her head! It wasn’t gracious! I mean accept that you messed up, everyone messes up at some point–hence human imperfection. She still had one of the highest scores of the night and she didn’t even appreciate it, while others who are working really hard to stay on the show, have very low scores! I don’t know, I will chalk it up as a bad moment for Miss Pussy Cat Doll.

 “Kate’s biggest challenge is self-doubt” says Tony and he’s spot on in that statement. They have tried and done so many exercises to help her let go of her self-consciousness, but every week she comes back with the same story. I like that they chose an up beat song, but my goodness, the beginning was dreadful! She just kind of walked through the dance. The rest of the dance picked up a little and she had a tiny breakthrough.

“A step in the right direction, but don’t get too excited” it was very off as far as technique, but the fact that she at least does keep coming back and she does try is commendable.

Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke there dance was very sensual and romantic! He turned on the heat and his posture improved. He had great hip action and Carrie Ann, Len, and Bruno all said that he was fluid and that this was his best dance! I’m glad that they finally see what I have seen all along.

Is it bad for me to love her after four weeks” Chad Ochocinco asks. That leads me to the what’s up with that pimp ring he gave her? I mean it’s like completely blinged out in diamonds!” Are the dance couple, more than a dance pair?

The last rumba dance of the night was with Pamela and Damian and it was intensely sensual, sexual, and romantic! They got a standing ovation for making the entire audience feel the heat between the two. She did refinement,elegance and the drop dead sexy thing she always does in a beautiful way! She did some really difficult steps with what looked like ease. They definitely have chemistry! Who knows, maybe they’ll hook up too because Pamela is single right now!

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