‘Dancing with the Stars’ Will Fall All Over Itself Tonight to Prove Nobody Was Booing Sarah Palin (Video)

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Taking precious time away from Rick Fox’s cha-cha routine, Dancing with the Stars tonight will deliver incontrovertible proof that the audience was booing its judges, and not “celebrity” Bristol Palin’s mama, Sarah Palin.

The incident last night occurred before the elder Palin appeared on camera to assure host Tom Bergeron that the dancers are all “awesome” and betcha-by-golly-wow and all that. Instead the camera was backstage, where everyone seemed puzzled indeed as to how boos could ever be heard on such a show.

ABC quickly got out word that the boos were for the low scores the judges were giving, and not Queen Bee Palin herself. Because if people were actually booing Sarah Palin, then democracy itself would surely fall.

Anyway, they’ll try again tonight, per the show’s mouthpiece EW.com, which quotes Bergeron as saying: “We are going to show footage from another camera angle. Thank God we had a camera on the grassy knoll!” Har har. “You’ll see the judges basically taking on the audience. They were upset they they gave Jennifer Grey an 8.”

So this different camera angle will prove decisively that no one in their right (or even their wrong!) mind could possibly ever, ever have even dreamed of booing Sarah Palin. The nation is restored. Peace is achieved. Oxygen continues to be made.

Oh, and Bergeron’s gonna get judge Bruno Tonioli to lighten up on Michael Bolton. Huzzah.


(Photo: Adam Larkey/ABC via Getty Images.)

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