Danica McKellar Has a New Baby Boy, But When is Her Next “Hot X” Book Due?

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Danica McKellar has a new baby boy, and his name is Draco Verta.  She and her husband, Mike Verta, also call the new arrival “little dragon” and “dragon”.  This represents the couple’s first child.  The “Wonder Years” star is also a best-selling author in a series of three books.  Her newest installment is “Hot X: Algebra Exposed”.  How will “Ms Winnie” juggle the duties of wife, new mom, and best-selling author?  Her fans eagerly await her next book, but when?

Danica McKellar has a new baby boy named Draco Verta

Danica McKellar and her husband Mike Verta had Draco Verta, a healthy 7 lb. 2oz baby, on Tuesday.  They are very proud to celebrate the birth of their first child.  It was nothing short of a blessing for the “Wonder Years” star who said she and Mike are “so happy”.

Now that Danica McKellar has a new baby boy, her fans are eager to see her next installment in her successful writing career.

In 2007, long before Danica McKellar thought about having a new baby boy, she delved into the business of writing.

Danica McKellar, the author

Her first book was “MATH DOESN’T SUCK:  How to Survive Middle School Math Without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail.”  This book is geared towards the teen, and teacher who are both trying to find more innovative ways to learn and teach math, respectively.  It was an instant hit, selling over 100K copies and making the top 100 of Amazon.com.

Her next book was “KISS MY MATH:  Showing Pre-Algebra Who’s the Boss.”  Again, this anticipated book raised the bar.  It focuses on teaching math in a whimsical manner that makes it fun and lasting.

Her third and current book, “HOT X:  Algebra Exposed” is a girl-to-girl talk, not only about math, but about taking life to the next level of maturity.  Danica McKellar shares how math is a challenge, one of the many young ladies will face in the world as they mature.  She is much like a big sister or best friend in this book.  It was released on Aug. 3, and already the book is being translated into other languages, giving evidence of Danica McKellar’s star appeal, even if she has a new baby.

Danica McKellar: Life after pregnancy.  Next book?

Currently, there are no plans for Danica McKellar and her new baby to see less of each other.  Danica, Mike, and now, little Draco Verta are a trio that should take all the time in the world to nurture family.

Danica McKellar has a new baby boy, and her fans will have to respect her momentary absence from acting, writing, and book promotions.

Perhaps, since Danica McKellar has a new baby boy, she can begin writing her next book.  What shall the title be?  How about, “Math for Babies:  “The Wonder Years”? Danica McKellar is probably well on her way to completing her next manuscript.

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