Daniel Alvarez Calls Farrah Abraham “Self-Centered”

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On the new season of Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham has appeared to meet an amazing man, Daniel Alvarez. Unfortunately, the two split last year and fans are able to pick up on little things already that may have ruined the relationship. Recently, Daniel spoke to The Ashley to tell his side of the story and some of the things he had to say may surprise you!

Fans were shocked when, after only two dates, Farrah had Sophia meet Daniel. Typically, people like to wait awhile before introducing the children into the mix, but Daniel didn’t think it was too weird, but did admit that being in and out of Sophia’s life so quick was hard.

Of course, most fans forgot about Sophia’s quick introduction when Farrah started talking about future plans including getting engaged! Farrah is only 21 years old and really shouldn’t be thinking about tying-the-knot quite so soon, especially not after dating a guy for a few weeks. Daniel Alvarez felt the same way telling The Ashley:

“I’m all about getting married and having a family down the road but a relationship like that has to be cultivated over time. You just don’t go from a couple of weeks of dating to ‘let’s get married.’ That’s a recipe for failure!”

Just with that answer alone, it is easy to see that he is very mature, despite Farrah Abraham’s claims that he is not. She has even gone as far as to accuse him of hacking her social networking sites (though he denies this and says she is “spiteful”).

Daniel admitted that things started to go down hill saying, “I saw what most people have been seeing on TV for years: an unappreciative and self-centered individual.”

When fans see these girls on television, it is easy to make harsh judgements against them. Things like editing and catching things at the wrong moment are often blamed, but it is a shame to learn that what fans see of Farrah on television is what you get with her period. It’s obvious she has a lot of hurt in her life and much of her anger can be chalked up to her defense mechanism, but if she wants to ever find a lasting relationship, she should listen to the things that Daniel Alvarez has said so that she knows what to work on for the future.

Be sure to read everything Daniel had to say at The Ashley.

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