Daniel Craig Has a Third Nipple and Loves Hairy Women (So That’s Why He Hates Kim Kardashian)

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Daniel Craig has revealed to Vanity Fair that he has a third nipple and that he loves hairy women, so now Kim Kardashian knows why he doesn’t like her.

Poor James Bond will forever be tied to the Kardashians because he allegedly called them “f***ing idiots,” something he tried to deny later. But now it’s obvious why he isn’t a fan of Kim—according to Gossip Cop, he told Vanity Fair that what he most likes in a woman is “a good mustache.”

So what does his love of facial hair have to do with his hatred for the Kardashians? Well, Kim Kardashian has said in the past that she loves laser hair removal and uses it to remove almost all of the hair from her body. So there’s no way she’ll ever be caught rockin’ a ‘stache.

But is this why Daniel Craig fell for his new ladylove, Rachel Weisz? Perhaps the brunette beauty forgot to wax her upper lip for a few days. The resulting facial fuzz might have been simply irresistible to cantankerous old Craig, who did his best to prove that he actually has a sense of humor in his answers to the Proust Questionnaire featured in Vanity Fair.

Even if Rachel suffers from embarrassing body hair like Kim Kardashian used to, she can take comfort in knowing that Daniel isn’t perfect, either—his “most marked characteristic” is his third nipple (which is a little harder to get rid of than a mustache and a little more embarrassing—just ask Chandler Bing).

And while Daniel Craig might not be a fan of Kim Kardashian and her sisters, he does seem to have a dirty mind in common with Khloe Kardashian: he stated that his “most treasured possession” is his “penis and his health.” Makes sense.

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