Daniel Craig: James Bond or Domestic Goddess?

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In between bruising action takes for the new James Bond film, Daniel Craig chose to relax by drinking endless cups of tea and watching a British property show called Homes Under The Hammer.

Universally adored by Britain’s huge army of the retired and unemployed, Homes Under The Hammer is a well-known staple of daytime TV in the UK and has been hailed by many as the sort of programme which is so intensely banal and depressingly boring that many viewers are sent spiraling into an abyss of despair without equal after each episode.

Yet when you’re busy trying to convince the world you’re a hard-nosed, all-powerful spy king, who all the ladies want to be with and who all the men want to be, how you relax between saving the world from destruction and fighting corporate legions of super criminals is your own affair.

So who can blame the over worked thespian Daniel Craig for unwinding between bruising takes of frantic and hard action with a nice cup of something hot and wet, and a mind numbingly boring BBC1 property show.

It’s quite an image to imagine 007 with his feet up getting all hot under the collar about a three bedroom semi in Plymouth, but an inside source told the Sun newspaper, “Daniel always wanted Homes Under The Hammer on when he had time to see it. A lot of people were surprised he was a fan given his serious image.”

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The name’s Bond! Pictured is Craig in relaxation mode

Apparently, everyone on set knew that when James Bond was busy watching Homes Under the Hammer he shouldn’t be disturbed, When one of his assistants made the near fatal error of changing the channel, Craig stared at them icily and said menacingly, “No – leave it, I really like it’.”

The host of the aforementioned property show, Martin Roberts, was so delighted with the news he rushed to his Twitter account and encouraged his followers to go crazy with property-themed Bond titles.

Some of the better ones included, On Her Majesty’s Secret Survey, Roommaker, The Man With The Sealant Gun and A View To Kill For.

Other titles not included are DIY Another Day and Kitchens Are Forever, but before have-a-go comedians get too carried away, always remember, Bond has a Licence To Drill.

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