Daniel Craig Makes Flabby Slobs Bare Their Butts

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The rugged and toned James Bond actor Daniel Craig, is apparently the inspiration behind the alarming trend of middle-aged men sporting skimpy thongs on beaches.

There’s never any shortage of flabby and over-nourished flesh by the sea and sand, but now a casual stroll along the beach can turn into a grotesque carnival of mature and burnt blubber squeezed tightly into to a pair of ill-fitting and skin-tight trunks.

And you can blame Daniel Craig. Apparently the thinking man’s 007 is responsible for men in their 50s thinking it’s a good idea to try and relive their youth and pretend to be James Bond by pulling on a pair of small trunks, just two inches in height.

Dear god! what would Sean Connery say.

Pictured above is the thong-wearing man’s inspiration.

A new study has revealed that men in their twilight years have began to shun the time-honored traditions of modesty and dress sense in favor of strutting around like day-glo tarts in the equivalent of bikinis.

The rage for miniscule beach wear was started by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale when he appeared dripping and stern from the sea like some big Greek gay god.

However, 46-year-old Daniel Craig has the impressive physique to pull it off. Peter Stringfellow and Giorgio Armani who are leading the charge in beach sex wear for men of an advancing age, do not.

Apparently the middle-age chancers believe that Daniel Craig’s pulling power will somehow rub off on them if they dress like a poor man’s parody of the pumped-up gym rat.

No doubt these middle-age sex kittens have a “license to thrill” which will leave everyone else on the beach, very shaken, but not in the least bit stirred.

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