Daniel Radcliffe: Robert Pattinson Is Definitely Sexier Than Me

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Over the years, Robert Pattinson and the Twilight Saga have been dissed repeatedly by Daniel Radcliffe. In a series of bizarre jealous snits–er–in depth interviews, Radcliffe has gloated about the supposed fighting superiority of Harry Potter’s wizards over the Twilight Saga‘s vampires. That’s actually pretty insane, since they’re all just fictional characters. He has also dissed RPattz personally by opining that “nobody wants to see actors in bands.” Ouch. Poor Rob. Lately, however, it seems the Harry Potter star has had a change of heart. In a recent interview, he compared himself to his erstwhile co-star Pattinson in terms of sex appeal. And guess who won? The answer will surprise you. Hint: His initials weren’t DR.

“He’s a sex symbol,” Daniel Radcliffe admitted recently about his old friend (?) Rob. “He’s sexy and just need to do his brooding look for girls to fall.”

Furthermore, the diminutive Radcliffe finally admitted that RPattz’s height has also helped him bring sexy back. Radcliffe is just 5’6″. Robert Pattinson towers over him at 6’1″.

“He has the perfect height to seduce girls,” Daniel lamented–er–explained. “I’m the total opposite. He might be charming and cute, wild and sexy .. I do not have this kind of status, just look at pictures in the press. When we’re put side by side, I look a little silly or I make faces whereas Rob always looks like a ladies’ man. Therefore it doesn’t help me when it comes to the ladies.”

So, there you have it. Does this mean that Daniel Radcliffe has now become a twihard? That might be going a bit too far. But he has finally decided to stop deluding himself and wake up to physical reality.

Recently, a Hollywood Life poll asked the same question about the Breaking Dawn vampire and the Harry Potter wizard: “Who do you think is sexier?” Obviously, RPattz must have won by a landslide. Right? Oddly enough, not really. Although RPattz won, it wasn’t by as wide a margin as one would have expected. 80.61 percent voted for Rob. A respectable 19.34 percent voted for Daniel Radcliffe. Apparently, Dan has fans who think he’s sexy, too.

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