Danielle Cunningham to Write a Book

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Danielle Cunningham is the latest young mommy from MTV to announce her plans to write a book. Maci Bookout, Kail Lowry, and others have discussed the possibilities of chronicling their journeys as young mothers and now, the pregnant 16 & Pregnant star is adding her name to that list—and she has a lot of material already.

This morning, Danielle announced her news on Sulia. “I have always wanted to write a book about my life regarding my addiction with drugs, the struggles of being a Teen Mom with TWO children, the struggles I face growing up as a child,” she says, “I just want to share my story with everyone and show everyone that everyone hits their low point but only YOU can change how your life turns out.” Danielle surely has been through a lot—even arguably more than some of the other MTV moms. She and her mom have had a strained relationship as have her and her baby daddy Jamie. In fact, Danielle is currently pregnant with Jamie’s second child, but they are no longer together. That along with her drug use, legal problems, and struggle to get back to the top would surely make a good book.

In addition to being a great read, the process would likely be therapeutic for Danielle who is currently getting back to her education and readjusting her focus on becoming a good mother.

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