Danielle Staub sex tape explodes June 14


Danielle Staub’s hot sex tape going to explode, coming soon June 14 by Hustler. The Real Housewife of New Jersey might have a sex tape coming out soon, but when will these Reality stars realize a publicity stunt like exposing themselves in a tape or video does not gain them much more attention.


Yeah they might get 15 more minutes of fame, and thousands of perverted people searching all over for their release, but after a few weeks it just dies off, and another reality star get exposed.


According to TMZ, the sex tape is 75 minutes long, and features Danielle naked with a mystery man. The 47 year old was featured in this release last September, so why all of a sudden is this being leaked online?


One thing I can say from this. I think Danielle wants people to feel sorry for her, and she is just asking for more trouble, when she should be more concerned about her children.


I don’t feel anyone deserves to be filmed while performing sexual acts without their permission. However, this tramp just continues to keep making mistakes over and over again and not learning from the past. I definitely feel this tape was done on purpose.


Regardless of who makes a sex video or tape, it will come back to haunt you no matter what you try to do to prevent it. Will this make her more famous?


No, first of all she is nothing to do look at. The eyebrows are freaky, the botox is a nightmare, and she just creeps out a lot of people. If she thinks her tape will out beat Kendra Wilkinson, she’s got another thing coming. According to Vivid Entertainment, Kendra’s tape is definitely on it’s way to becoming the best selling tape in history. Wow, who would have thought? Kendra more famous then Paris Hilton or Carrie Prejean put together that’s quite an accomplishment, NOT.


Who is the mystery man in the romp with Danielle on the tape? Could it be her ex-boyfriend Stephen Zalewski? If it is, wow what an ugly couple. This guy looks like a total perverted old man. To see pictures of Steve Zalewski, check them out right here.

The coke queen will get her wish in 6 days when the tape is released. This could get very ugly.


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