Danielle Staub: Sex Tape Release Date – 75 Minutes Too Long

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Danielle Staub, one of the housewives of New Jersey will be releasing a sex tape on June 14th. The sex tape is about 75 minutes long, which for my taste is 74 minutes and 59 seconds too long.Clearly things are not going well for Danielle, considering the fact that she is turning to a sex tape. The worst part is that she is mom to a 15 and 11 year old. Talk about a bad role model.

Danielle had dated a twenty-something bald dude last season and she decided to do the dirty on camera. What a surprise. Danielle has an ugly past filled with rumored prostitution, drugs, and various crimes. So does a sex tape really surprise you? I can’t say that I am shell shocked, but I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

I hate to break it to you Danielle, but you are a “prostitution w****” according to fellow housewife, Theresa. Danielle is absolute trash and I am a bit surprised that Bravo is going for this. I guess anything in the name of ratings. Danielle, do us all a favor, go get your life together and then when you’re stable maybe come back. I don’t think too many of us will miss you though. Here’s hoping.

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